January 11, 2012

Who's bluffing now?

Wow. I don't know what the deal is, but I have been simply exhausted all day. I got stuff done, but it was a struggle. Even after a nap, I'm still tired. At least I ate today, and ate well. Balanced and within my calorie allotment. Hunger is not why I'm so tired.

It all started when I got up early to meet Energizer Bunny at my Mom's. I did not want to get out of bed, even going as far as to hit snooze 3 times, when I rarely if ever hit snooze even once. Energizer Bunny and her husband (Mr. Math) refinished my mother's woodblock kitchen table today, and we talked about cabinets. The options on the cabinets are:
  1. strip with the heat gun, prime and refinish = 20+ hours of work
  2. sand, prime and refinish = <20 hours of work, but we're not sure what the quality will be
  3. reface everything = $$
  4. replace everything = $$$$$$
Energizer Bunny is getting prices and testing the sand/prime/finish theory on the door to the laundry chute. I cannot do much in the kitchen until I know what we're doing. I don't want to patch walls, only to have them torn up if we replace the cabinets.

Luckily, there's plenty to do in the dining room and living room. After everyone left, I spent almost 4 hours working on the windows and front wall of the dining room. There was more water damage than I first thought, but I think I've at least got a plan now. I said I wasn't going to scrape anything since my hands are still sore from last week, but I ended up scraping the window frame. <shrug> It needed doing.

I left my Mom's mid-afternoon, which is early of late, hoping to get a run in out in the sunshine. I was just too fatigued though, and opted for a (*GASP*) nap. I am not normally the nap taker, but I haven't been sleeping well again, and I think I may have caught another cold. I just feel run down. So I slept for a couple hours, then got up and (FINALLY) swept the basement stairs and vacuumed the basement. My run, which I'd hoped to be 3 miles, which my calendar says should be quarter mile intervals, turned into an easy mile on the treadmill at 5mph pace. Since I ran at least a mile, I'm good with that. I didn't do more than stretch my feet, but again, the smallest fulfillment of my goal still fulfills my goal.

Next on the list was studying. Today I learned more qualifiers for the SELECT command. In addition to the WHERE from yesterday, I learned you can narrow the search even more with an AND or Or command. So in our contacts database we would SELECT the city column in the contacts table. Then we would search with the WHERE command for city = 'cleveland", refining that with AND (zip>44113 OR <44122). This will return any addresses in the Cleveland area with a zip code greater than 44113 but less than 44122.

I had to go back and check to make sure the AND/OR commands could search through a different column than the WHERE command. They can.

I submitted today's resume to Cleveland Clinic, for another systems analyst position. I still have to take their assessment test, which is on the agenda for tomorrow. I want to make sure 1) I am as awake and alert as possible, and 2) I have enough time for the hour+ test.

For now, I'm tired and heading to bed. I'm hoping for the run outside tomorrow, since it's supposed to be the last warm dry day this week.

5 Positive things about today:

1. Superman just informed me I'm awesome, for no apparent reason other than I said I had to come up
    with my 5 positive things for the day. 8-)

2. My mother did actually go out and purchase an Ott light for me to use in my craft area. Now I have
    to come up with time and energy to do crafts. Seriously. She said she knows it's not the sole reason
    I'm not doing crafts right now, but it's something she thought I could use. I thought that was very
    sweet of her.

3. Not only did I get to talk to Aunt Gertie and Energizer Bunny today, I also spoke with Big Bro. He
    has my Dad's old hard drive, which may contain some of the historical content Energizer Bunny,
    Superman and I were talking about scanning. We are definitely going through all this material on
    Sunday, and I'm very excited to see what's there.

4. I spent some time today planning my garden for next year, including where and how much trellis to
    put up for my grape vine. The trellis will serve a duel purpose of supporting my grapes and hiding
    my garbage cans. The strawberries and raspberries appear to be wintering well. All I'll have to add
    is a more manageable tomato plant than the one I had this past year, and replanting of my peppers
    which are currently wintering in pots inside.

5. I hit all my goals today. Maybe not with the flair and gusto of a 10 miler or hour of yoga, but I hit
    them nonetheless. Now to do that on a regular basis...

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