January 8, 2012

The Bug

Today was a one step back kind of day in the food plan department. I did well until this evening. Basically I ate instead of hydrating. Then, even knowing I was eating instead of hydrating, I continued to overeat.

I haven't been hydrating well for the past few days, and it shows not only in tonight's eating, but also in my runs. I ended up with 2 miles today on the treadmill, and those were interspersed with breaks every half mile. I'm certain hydration had something to do with how I felt. I even made tea, which I haven't done for the last few days. Then I had the bright idea to add Amway's Nutrilite to the tea, which ruined the taste completely. I should have just made another batch, but I didn't.

I did accomplish several things today, including getting my car washed and cleaning the kitchen floor. I also spent quite a bit of time preparing my meals for the coming week. I have the plan perfectly balanced for my basic calorie requirements. This means I will be challenged to balance any additional calories from exercise or working at my Mom's. I don't know if I have enough vegetables in the house to balance those additional calories. I guess I'll have to work something out, even if it means another trip to the grocery store.

I also stretched after running. I woke up with my lower back VERY stiff, so stretched my back as well as my legs. Did I mention how excited I am about Friday's massage?

I'm failing on the studying front, though. I was supposed to study yesterday and today, and it just didn't happen. Things took longer than expected, and I made choices which excluded the studying. I have to start making it a priority, and am considering going back to the "every day" concept I started with. Even if I only learn one thing a day, that is better than how I'm learning now (read NOT). 

I submitted another resume to Progressive today, as well as emailing my high school friend who works there. This position is for a college student who graduated from a Masters program in December (that would be me!) or expects to graduate in early 2012. I haven't had any statistics classes, and could not detail a time when I made a proposal or recommendations to a manager or business leader, but I'm a whiz at Excel and I am willing to learn...

5 Positive things about today:

1. My neighbor stopped by and we talked about "The Occassional Dining Club" which apparently will
    have another meeting the weekend before Valentine's. No clue where we'll go to eat, but it should be

2. I didn't get to run in it, because things took longer than expected all day, but it was a gorgeous 50+
    degree day again. I can handle this kind of winter here!

3. I've been completely entranced by the Yellow Bird movies of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,
    The Girl Who Played With Fire, and now The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. (the movies
    are available on Netflix) I haven't read the last book, but these interpretations (done by a Swedish
    film company) are spot on to the books I have read, leaving literally nothing out and changing
    nothing either.  They are dark and fascinating. It's a shame the author died, as I understand there
    were plans for more in the series.

4. My cold is just about gone. No need to medicate, and only a one minor coughing jag. Now to get
    my endurance back...

5. I'm incredibly thankful I chose to list only 5 positive things about my days, as I usually get stuck
    around 3 or 4, and the 10 I was originally contemplating would likely have been impossible!
    Overall, I have good days, but the good things do not stand out at the end of the day.

Because I have no pictures for you, I offer a smile. My one and only celebrity crush...

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