January 21, 2012

A Better Day

I did not attempt any huge projects today, so by default it is a better day than yesterday. Instead, I hung out with Superman all morning (one of my favorite things). After, I stopped at the grocery store for:
Somehow I managed to escape the grocery store with this and only this. I went home and put the crumbles in my vegetable glop for the week. This week my main meal will be very green tasting, but also very garlicy. It's in the crock pot now, stinking up the house.

After putting my weekly menu together, I went here:
and ran up and down this:
7 miles today. I knew they wouldn't be glorious, since I was up several times last night with my lower back and calves bothering me. Regardless, by the 4th mile I was feeling pretty good. Even with 20+ degree temperatures, lower back and calf issues, walking part-way up that hill, stopping to take the frozen creek picture, in the snow, on an icy path, with ~600 feet of elevation gain over 2 miles... I still banged out a 12:28 average pace. I know that doesn't seem like much to all the Speedy McSpeedertons out there, but it still amazes me when I run faster than I expected. Last year those would have been 14-15 minute miles.

I came home, threw my sweaty clothes in the washer, and soaked in a shower as hot as I could stand. Now I'm setting up for Shots and Beer Night on the game I play. About 20 of us get together and run our characters through the older content. Every time one of the main bad guys (a "Boss") goes down, everyone takes a drink. Every time we wipe (everyone dies and we have to start over) everyone takes a drink. Our group is rated in the top 10 on the server, which means we have some pretty powerful characters. A lot of bosses go down on Shots and Beer Night. As the night progresses, we invariably wipe more and more. All the while, we are using a voice-over-IP program to conference call in real time. It's a party over the computer!  
This is who I will be tonight.
Jal is the highest level a character can get
and 2 points below the highest gear score a character can have.

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