January 1, 2012

This is doable (and how I lost my mind... again)

Here it is, a brand spankin' new year, and I'm feeling very much that my list of goals is exceedingly attainable.

Clean and maintain the house
I finally got my storm windows up on both front and back doors. Apparently I paid myself a favor forward at some point, took the doors apart, and put them back together upside down. Switching the storm windows consisted soley of pulling them up and making sure they latched in the proper notches.

Learn SQL and Access
I didn't actively study SQL or Access today. I did, however, search all over Amazon.com for SQL books, and determined there is no way I'm going to learn everything I need to learn before I get a job. Yeah, I'll study, but I'm going to have to convince someone somewhere to give me a chance to learn hands on.

List 5 positive things about today
1. I had a fabulous time chatting with Dr. J, her husband, Energizer Bunny, and Superman today. Dr. J
    is heading back to Florida tomorrow (providing the airport doesn't get snowed in), and I would have
    been sad if I hadn't had the chance to see her one last time.

2. Ninja stopped by in a surprise visit tonight, showing me a picture of a very special something I don't
    think is mine to talk about yet. I knew it was coming, but didn't know he had yet pulled the trigger.
    Happy me, just to see him - even more so to see him happy.

3. I lost my mind today and bought a treadmill. Not just any treadmill. A treadmill half again the top
    end of my budget. I'm in love with it though. I ran at least a mile testing out all the different
    treadmills available, and just kept coming back to this one. It is well cushioned, quick to speed up,
    quick to slow down, sturdy with a strong motor. Everything I want in a treadmill, without all the
    bells and whistles of the lower priced models, which were not as sturdy. I was annoyed by most of
    the bells and whistles of the other treadmills.

4. Energizer Bunny recieved a gas card from her insurance company, soley for recommending I talk to
    them. I did not go with that insurance company, but they sent her a gas card anyway. She gave said
    gas card to me.

5. I made a spaghetti squash chili dish for dinners this week, that came out incredibly tastey. Not bad
    for the first time making spaghetti squash, and just winging it with the rest of the ingredients.

Remodel my parent's house
This didn't happen today, but I'm very happy to have worked out something of a schedule (or at least a list of what needs doing) on yesterday's blog. Hopefully the schedule won't be disrupted too much by the predicted blizzard we're supposed to get. So far, no snow, no worries.

Stay within MyFitnessPal calorie allotment and make 50% of calories consumed from vegetables
This is going to be an interesting challenge, for several reasons. I know I'm within the calorie allotment today. If I follow my planned menu I'm within the 50%, but I'm not done eating. 600-800 calories of vegetables is a whole heck of a lot of food! I still have a box of green beans & almonds, plus a green pepper not yet consumed. I'm stuffed. I had to tweak the menu a bit when I was out shopping for a treadmill and got really hungry. I replaced one non-veggie item with another of almost the same calorie count. I'm going to have to allow for some flexibility in here. At the same time, it's helpful to have the same things to eat every day, at least every day in a week.

This has not been the easiest goal to achieve, lately. I started out good, but lost momentum and have not been able to pick it back up. I do have plans to rearrange the upstairs for the treadmill, making certain there is room for Yoga as well.

Submit a resume a day
Today, this resume went to a headhunting agency. Hopefully they'll be able to find me an entry level database administrator position, where I can more quickly learn the skills I'm trying to teach myself. If not that, then maybe they will be able to line up my skillset with something more appropriate.

Run every day
I ran a mile today on Energizer Bunny's treadmill. I'm still ill and it was not a pleasant experience, but it fulfilled the run every day goal. I don't have to run 3 miles a day in order to achieve the 1K/365 goal, because I know there will be many days I run farther than 3 miles. I expect the mileage to average out as I ramp up toward marathon distances. I actually ran 2 miles today, once I figure in the test runs on all the treadmills.

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