January 13, 2012


Turns out some bugs are not afraid (or ashamed) to hit a person when they're down. There's a reason I was so exhausted the other day. I got got by another bug, and it is not the same bug I started with around Christmas. This one took the super duper mega ultra uber cold medicine they keep behind the counter to stop my nose from dripping like a leaky faucet, and even that doesn't get rid of the symptoms - it just makes them bearable.


I was a zombie most of the day yesterday. I've been sleeping all day today. Apparently when I'm ill, all bets are off. Apparently Pierre's Strawberry Ice Cream is comfort food. The only reason it fit in with my meal plan is because Superman stopped off at our local vegetarian restaurant and brought me a care package:
Tommy's CeeBee Sandwich
Almost entirely vegetable calories.
Needless to say, I did not stay within my calorie allotment. I didn't even track what I ate today. That whole "eat for energy" thing keeps kicking me in the head. Eating for comfort. Eating for things that are not hunger. I wonder some times how I got this way, and what it would take to change me. Not everyone has these problems. First world problems, right?

Not everything went out the window. I put in 5 miles outside yesterday. I missed the sunshine, but it was still nice. My body didn't feel fatigued - it was just my head bothering me at that point. I am consistently hitting paces around 11:35-11:40 per mile, which is faster than the 12:00-13:00 minute miles I ran last year. I did a mile on the treadmill today. My body felt alright doing it, but I had a headache by the time I finished. It's just not possible to get enough oxygen through my airways right now.

I've kind of lost site of the stretching again. I thought about doing yoga a few times this week, but didn't want to put in the hour it requires. I did stretch yesterday and today, but both times they were perfunctory foot and leg stretches. Just enough to say I stretched, not enough to do much good.

I put in an application yesterday for an entry level .net developer position. I have only the vaguest idea what that is, but I'm certain that if someone wants to teach me how to do a job, I am fully capable of learning how to do it. I planned to take the Cleveland Clinic test today, but that didn't happen. Instead I basically lazed around and slept all day. Housework consisted of laundry and dishes, which I don't count on my goal because I do them by rote anyway. I did clean the toilet. I know you're all relieved to hear that. An example of exactly how out of it I am: I did not make my bed either yesterday or today. That happens even less frequently than me napping, which happened both days.

I did some studying yesterday too. I learned about the IN command in SQL. Well, part of the IN command. There is apparently more that I'll learn later on. Yesterday I learned that it is used to bring up multiple values when using the WHERE clause. Going back to our contacts database, you can use the IN command to look up all the people in both Cleveland and Youngstown at the same time. I also learned in a script like this you can use * as a wildcard if you want to search more than one column or field.

5 Positive things about today:

Dr. J is a research psychologist and professor at Florida State University. She is concerned with my "list 5 positive things about today" goal. Apparently this type of scenario is used to make people in research settings depressed. If they cannot come up with 5 things, they think the day did not go well. If they cannot come up with 5 negative things, they think maybe the day went better than they thought. She suggests I only list the 2 or 3 things that immediately come to mind, and leave the rest alone.

I appreciate her concern and love her for it. What she doesn't realize though, is I'm having fun coming up with the 5 things. I list the easy ones, then I get creative. Some of them are kind of BS, but it makes me smile to spin them in a positive light. Dr. J suggested another way to improve my outlook was simply to smile. As long as listing 5 positive things makes me smile, that's what I'm going to do. The minute I feel pressured or depressed because I can't come up with 5, I'll leave it alone and let the ones I can come up with speak for themselves.

1. I love my sister. In addition to her concern about my goals, she also is trying to get me to play with
    my clay again. She has an Etsy shop where she sells the results of her playing with glass, her
    husband's photography, and a bit of Dr. Who paraphernalia. Apparently Dr. Who sells. She's offered
    to sell my mother's sock patterns (my mother is a master knitter who designs socks and sells the
    patterns on Ravelry) on her Etsy site. To link the knitting with what she already has, she suggested
    I create Dr. Who paraphernalia too, including Tardis stitch holders for knitters. It sounds like so
    much fun! I actually watched some of the more recent episodes yesterday, when I wasn't sleeping.

2. My mother, the master knitter, made me this:
    I ran in it yesterday, and it was perfect. VERY warm over the ears, but not warm enough I wanted to
    take it off, as I often do my hats while running.

3.  This came in today's mail:
    It's officially official. I'm gergitated. 

4. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for my first Christmas present massage. I don't think we'll do the
    myofacial yet, but we might. I have to talk to him and see what he thinks. Again, I'm not sure if it's
    because I'm running every day, or maybe because I am not running any real distance, but I do not
    feel as tight as I did. I don't know if myofacial would be beneficial at this point.

5. Apparently, I'm very organized. I had to go up to the pharmacy to get my cold medicine last night
    (after deciding around 10 pm there had to be a stronger, more effective medicine than what I had.
    Also after leaving my wallet at home and having to turn around to get it. While on the phone with
    my Mom...). Either I'm overly organized, or the girl behind the counter just isn't. She commented,
    then spent several minutes talking about how organized my wallet is, while running my information
    through the computer twice because I hit enter without signing the federal form necessary to
    purchase the super duper mega ultra uber cold medicine. The entire situation struck me as amusing.
    I would lose my mind if I behaved the way she said she did, just dropping her debit card in her
    purse. She said it's because she's always rushing. I organize because I'm always rushing, and I lose
    things if they're not in their place. Witness the wallet I left at home. It was in one of two places -
    either on the doorknob or in the glove compartment. Somehow I didn't see it on the doorknob.

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