January 9, 2012

Long run, done!

All 4 miles of it. I did them outside and nonstop, at an 11:40 pace. So much better than my runs earlier in the week! I started feeling good enough about mile 3 to consider running 5, but I didn't have time and I was starting to feel a little chilled. I missed the good weather this week, and while it was still sunny the temperature had dropped. Also, it appears I only stretch after running on the treadmill.

I didn't have time for another mile because Superman and I went to see
The Adventures of Tintin
Superman has fond memories of going to the local book shop after school and reading these in between the stacks. I'd never heard of them, other than through Superman, but I can see why he enjoyed them so. In addition to the fast paced story and exciting adventure, I was fascinated with the artwork and detail.

After the movie, I stopped by the local running store to return the Brooks I bought last week. They apparently have arch support or something which I do not need. One mile into my first run with them and I knew they wouldn't work. 1.5 miles and I switched back to my old shoes, which need replacing. Turns out I didn't know the Kinvara's were reworked shortly after I purchased my pair. I'm now the proud owner of another pair of Kinvara's, which are slightly wider and slightly more yellow (if that's at all possible) than last year's model.
On the way home from the running store, my self destructive half convinced me pizza was a much better idea for dinner than the concoction I'd made yesterday for this week's meals. I decided I could afford a personal pan pizza, but it didn't take much for the person who answered to phone to talk me into a large. Apparently Pizza Hut has a special going on now, where all toppings on a large pizza are free. The personal pan pizza cost as much as the large. It didn't make sense to go small, except for that whole "I'll over-eat then chastise myself if I go large" thing. So of course, that's exactly what I did.
This is the compromise my two selves came to. I steamed up a bunch of vegetables and scraped the cheese and toppings into it, then ate the crusts. No, I am not well balanced vegetable-wise today (unless you consider pizza a vegetable). I also didn't stop there and proceeded to eat 2 more pieces of pizza, which I completely did not need. I would have been within my calorie allotment had I restrained myself. Note to self: next time go with the personal pan pizza, no matter what deal you think you're getting. That deal is not in your best interest.

I did get a resume in, for an IT Auditor position at University Hospitals. I also studied SQL for the first time this week. I'm in the early stages of learning this language. The first lesson was on the SELECT command, which will call up the contents of a column in a database table. So if you want to see all the last names in a contacts database you use the SELECT command. Today I learned about SELECT DISTINCT, which returns only one instance of an item in a column. So if you want to see how many different cities are in a contacts database, you use the SELECT DISTINCT command. It cuts out the duplicates.

I have yet to vacuum the basement, but I took the vacuum down to do so before I go to bed. Right now I'm piddling around on the game I play.

5 Positive things about today:

1. I found a coffee candy that is tasty enough, with considerably fewer calories.

2. My mother remembered today that she owns a carpet cleaner. After all my work last week, she no longer
    has any carpets. She offered the cleaner to me. Yay! Maybe now I can get the stains out of my carpet.

3. My mother has also offered to find me an Ott light for my craft/utility room. This lamp apparently shines
    with a natural light, but is not just a "daylight" bulb. The Ott website offers "true colors, clear details, and
    reduced glare and eyestrain - all in a low heat, energy-efficient bulb" which should do well to simulate the
    sunshine I need to be comfortable working in that space.

4. I'm not sure if it's because I'm running every day, because I'm stretching more, or why, but I've noticed my
    hips are not as tight as they were. Before I would be standing by the sink and realize everything was
    clenched and tight. I'd have to deliberately relax those muscles. This week that has not been the case. Yes,
    my back was very tight after working on my mother's floors, but my hips were not. Go figure.

5. My friend from high school responded to my email about Progressive. He is going to submit my resume
    when he's back in the office next month, with his recommendation. He says people who are recommended
    at least get a call from HR. 

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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Sounds like good things are happening!

And I'm a sucker for pizza hut pizza now. I can't believe it either. I am a personal pan sausage and bacon lover and the cheese breadsticks. They used to have these little things called quepasos and they don't sell them in our area anymore. sigh. Anyways everything in moderation!