January 2, 2012

check, check, check and check!

Good thing we didn't get buried in snow, as predicted!
what we were promised
what we actually got
Neither of these pictures are mine. I've been terrible lately with the picture taking. Aunt Gertie was right and basically what we got was the news and weather people running around screaming "The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We're all gonna die!"

Then nothing happened.

I took advantage of the nothing happening and got a lot done today. First, I slept in. If you've been reading here for any length of time you know I don't sleep well. I took my Mom's advice and tried a PM cold remedy last night, since the previous few nights I've been waking up as many as 10x per night.


I slept about 7 hours, got up for a minute, then went back to bed for another 3.

Is it any wonder I'm feeling particularly productive and energetic today?

I got up and started right into studying. Today I played with Access, remembering they have a nutritional database similar to MyFitnessPal or Fitday. Similar in theory anyway. I fussed for half an hour or so just trying to get the existing database to let me put my height in as 5'6". As soon as I tabbed out of the field it rounded up to 6', which gives me about 2K calories to play with, which is about 700 more than I need on any given day if I want to lose weight. Turns out that field is coded as an integer, which only allows for whole numbers. That particular code is buried a little, so I had to do some research, griping and grousing the whole time. I laughed on the phone with Superman later, because he's pointed out to me that I get frustrated when I'm learning - or at least when I don't understand things, until I learn. That was the whole point of getting in and playing with the database though. I have to get used to the program, and how it does things. To do this, I have to have data I understand, and an idea how I want the database to work. So today I learned.

After beating my head against the Access database for a while, I decided the weather was not prohibitive to running errands, so I headed out. I have a holiday blogger gift exchange I want to put in tomorrow's mail, but did not yet have the bits I wanted to include. Sad panda. Turns out the local chocolate companies do not sell chocolate covered bacon this time of year - only around Father's Day. Sorry Rose. I wasn't sure you'd be able to eat it anyway, considering. Just thought it would be fun.
Always wanted to try it
Seriously thinking about making some
but don't want a whole batch sitting around
calling my name
It's also time for a new pair of running shoes. Experts say you're supposed to replace your shoes every 250-400 miles, though I hear you can run in Vibrams literally until they fall apart. I'm too lazy to do the math to find out how many miles I've run since I purchased mine 7 months ago. I'm not running in Vibrams, and even with only a 4mm heel drop on my Kinvara's (most neutral shoes are anywhere from 10-20mm), I can see where they are worn, and how that wear would affect my gait. Mostly, I'm feeling it in my feet and knees. I am in the market for a new brand, as Sauchony tend to be narrow and my foot is wider than most. I normally wear a men's shoe, and the men's Kinvara is still a tad tight.
Enter the Brooks PureConnect. The fit is snug, but not in anyway binding or uncomfortable. The cushioning is focused on the arch, which makes me focus on foot placement. The heel drop is the same as the Kinvaras. I'm looking forward to testing them out on my new treadmill, which is scheduled for delivery Friday morning.

I went straight from the shoe store to the Y and put in 2 miles on their treadmill, fulfilling my run every day edict. I could have tested out the new shoe, but I already had the old ones in my gym bag, so those are the ones I wore. I planned to do the full 3 miles on my schedule today, but got to a mile and a half and realized 1) I'm not quite healthy yet, which means I get exhausted easily, and b) I could totally feel that all the running I did yesterday was in the Nike Free. Nike Free are extremely flexible, and my plantar fascia (the tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot) is not extremely flexible.

I stretched after running. Feet, hamstrings, thighs and hips.

The weather did get a little dicey on my way home from shopping. Living near the lake has more than one benefit, as lake effect snow passes right over me, dumping 2 to 3 times the snowfall I get into Superman's yard. I made it home with no ill effects, and after my run got busy rearranging the upstairs to make room for the treadmill. I couldn't take a picture that adequately showed the room I made the in front bedroom, complete with desk and internet connection for when I want to watch movies while running, but also with a clear view of the window. I also tried and failed to take a decent picture of the back bedroom, which is now set up with the Wii and DVD player, and room enough to do yoga. Halfway through this project I realized someone had stolen one of my garbage cans, which are traditionally bungee'd to the back of my house. That plus the need for a 3-to-2 prong plug adapter sent me to Home Depot. Home Depot is one of those places I can never walk into, even with a list, and walk out with only what I intended. 
This wasn't on my list
but the last spot cleaner I tried didn't work as well as I thought
the next day the spots showed right back up
Guess I'll see if this works any better.

After scrubbing spots on my bedroom carpets, I spent some time submitting my resume for an entry level Buyer position which looked interesting, and setting up a few searchable resumes on Dice.com. I love talking about how we had a computer in the house before there were hard drives and mouses, where I had to load Word Perfect floppy after floppy in order to write papers in high school.  Hopefully that little blurb will be enough to convince someone I know my way around computers enough that having taught myself how to use applications like Microsoft Office, I shouldn't have a problem learning SQL Server. <fingers crossed>

I have my menu set for the week, and my eating has been within prescribed parameters so far today. I say so far because after I posted about how well I was doing last night, I made the mistake of opening a bag of Almond M&Ms. I had the calorie allotment to have a single serving, but I did not stop there. Maybe if I had separated out that serving and immediately put the bag away... At least I didn't finish the entire bag. Only half...

5 positive things about today:
1. I slept! I feel rested, and even though I still obviously have a cold, I feel better than yesterday

2. I had an awful lot of fun shopping for and putting together my blogger gift.

3. Monkey Boy made me laugh out loud today. He was apparently in Africa for 2 weeks over
    Christmas, and that somehow entitled him to grow a beard. He's very proud of his beard. Says he
    looks like Gandolf from the Lord of the Rings...
Imagine this image in a text string, and you'll understand my confusion.
Why are you sending me naked pictures, my boy?
And what is that smudge on your chin?
4. My treadmill will be delivered Friday morning! They called twice and texted me twice, just to be
    sure I was aware of the delivery time.

Enough said

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