January 31, 2012

Running with the devil

I ran 4 miles today, after an 8 mile long run yesterday.
There is no denying I've cut a full minute per mile off my time.
One thing I'm certainly doing is pushing harder, but even when I don't push harder my pace has improved.

I feel like I'm tempting fate, running both faster and every day. (I've officially run every day in January, btw). Until recently, I believed I was injury prone, but until recently I also had perpetually tight hips. That is no longer the case since I started running every day. Either that, or not since I reduced my mileage. I was running 10-milers and up every weekend. Since getting sick, 8 is the longest run I've attempted.

Today's run was also after over 4 hours at my Mom's, moving furniture, climbing up and down ladders, sanding, and mudding. The dining room is almost ready for prime and paint.
Bronte was, as usual, extremely helpful
Tomorrow I will wipe down the dining room walls, along with everything else in the room. I might have to wipe everything down again before painting, since sanding dust permeates the entire house. Hopefully not, though I know I'll have to wipe the furniture down again before calling myself done. I expect to find a few minor mud areas that need sponging, but otherwise the dining room will be ready for priming by the time I leave tomorrow. That leaves the living room and kitchen, both of which already have some mud.
A lot of the kitchen needs to be completely mudded over, which will be fun when it comes time to sand. I've been picking at the mudding in the kitchen whenever I finish something elsewhere and still have mud.

After I wipe down the dining room walls, I'll have to empty the living room of all the stuff I originally took out of the dining room. I'm thinking of putting as much of that as I can into the basement for the time being, so my Mom can still use the dining room table. I will also have to empty the shelves in the living room, but luckily there is an empty bookshelf in the storage room as well. If I stay focused, I can probably finish the living room next week. At this point I have no idea how long the kitchen will take. There are cabinets to work on. There are walls that have yet to see mud. Maybe the project will be done by the end of the month. Maybe.

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Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

You are kicking some serious ass! I'm wearing the blue fuzzy socks right now. So warm and comfortable! Thank you again!