January 7, 2012

Happiness is...

A new treadmill.

The box was as big as my living room
This is what I was left with
The instructions kept saying
"ask your assistant to hold..."
"ask your assistant to place..."
My assistant was not exceptionally helpful...

While searching for my level, I accidentally cleaned my utility room
unburying my craft area
Ready to run!
It took me a bit to figure out how to put the treadmill together, without a real assistant. Getting distracted by the utility room didn't help either, but finally it was done! Then I had a decision to make. Run on the new treadmill, or outside in the 56 degree sunshine. Hard choice!

Ultimately I decided to run on the treadmill, hopefully thinking I could put in 2 or 3 miles inside, then another 1 to 3 outside. I had to test the treadmill out, after all. I did 3 miles, and there was no way I was adding more outside. Those 3 miles were very difficult. I know I keep saying I'm not quite well yet, but it's true. I didn't take any medication at all today, with only a minor touch of congestion and one coughing fit. It was obvious on the run, however, that I've lost all my endurance. Yes, I ran 3 miles, but that was with several walk breaks. Also, I have to take my Brooks shoes back to the store. They bothered my arches through the entire run, enough so I switched back to the Kinvaras for the last half mile. If I can't even run 3 miles in them, there's no way I'm going to run 10 or 20 or more.

Again, I did a few stretches after my run. This seems to be my favorite time to stretch, even more than first thing in the morning (which hasn't been happening lately). Somehow the day had gotten away from me though (I didn't study AT ALL), so I was more focused on getting cleaned up and packed up for FNO. I did a couple leg stretches and moved on.

Knowing I wouldn't have much time this evening, I decided to do a quick job search and get my resume submission off my list. The sites I've been searching lately haven't had many new jobs posted, so I added Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital job sites to the list. I applied for an Operation Analyst at the Clinic. I don't know what the expiration date is on their assessment testing but the test I took a few months ago is no longer in the system, giving me the chance to improve my score. This test challenges problem solving and short term memory skills. The last portion is a headache, no matter how brilliant you may be. You have an email stream to read and a list of math problems to solve at the same time. Both are on timers. You can only reference emails you received within the last minute, and they are popping in your box at the rate of 2 or 3 a minute. Some of the emails ask questions referring to other emails, which have already expired from viewing. The problems you have approximately a minute to solve, and are told it's better to pass out of one rather than let the timer run out.

I don't do math in my head.

I did not score very well on this test, the first time through.

I don't expect to score much better this time. Some, because now I know what to expect. I can write some of the pertinent email info down. I can be more aware of the timers.

I wish they at least let you know if you passed or failed, instead of laughing every time you ever hopefully post a resume.

I ate rather well during the day today, except for an abundance of coffee candy. I really have to switch to a lower calorie creamer. Then I had the Nachos Supremo for dinner. I didn't eat all the nachos, but I sure ate everything on top of them. Not much in the way of vegetables, which is ok for an off day. It looks like I'm going to have to be creative tomorrow, as I ended up with leftovers from a friend's fajita. Again, not much in the way of vegetables. I'll have to fill it out some to balance, as I only get one off day per week.

5 positive things from today:

1. My new treadmill!!!!!!!!

2. This has been an exceptionally warm winter. It's supposed to be in the 40s until Thursday, and I fully
    intend to run outside while there is no snow or ice on the ground. Tomorrow, 4 miles around the
    neighborhood. Even if walking is involved, I will be outside in the sun!

3. I think Dr. J planted a seed, as I've been thinking more and more about my clay. Clearing out the
    utility room and unburying the craft table was not just a coincidence, even if I did decide I couldn't
    work in that space unless the sun was shining, and even then it's cramped and dark. I spent some
    time on Etsy today, looking at necklaces like the ones I was thinking about yesterday. There weren't
    any exactly like the ones I was thinking about....

4. I haven't always had the best relationship with my mother. I butted heads with her horribly as a teen,
    and we weren't what I would call "close" for many years. That's been changing over the last several
    years, and specifically over the last few months. I'm enjoying the time I spend with her, and the
    daily conversations are giving me an entirely new insight into who she is as a person.

5. I set up my first myofacial release session for this coming Friday. I'm very excited and hopeful,
    though I realize there is no such thing as a magic pill or bullet or whatever that will fix everything
    all at once. I'm hopeful it will help, that I won't feel so stiff, that it will relieve some of the issues
    I've become accustomed to living with.

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RoseRunner said...

I'm so envious! I dream of the day I will own some piece of exercise equipment in my home...the winter is the hardest to get my butt outside or to the gym. If only I had a treadmill at home!

Job applications and testing is a headache. I applied to some government legal jobs after law school...those were the worst. Tests, interview after interview, essay questions...bleh.