January 25, 2012


I can take my Mom's closet off my list of things to do. I still have to paint over the holes from the shelf hangers that didn't work, but that is a quick brush stroke or two when I already have the primer and paint out for the first floor. I told my Mom it would be several weeks before I get to the touch-up, so go ahead and put her clothes up. I'll take down what I need when I'm ready. The placement of the holes means I can immediately put her clothes back up and they won't even come close to touching the wet paint.

After finishing the closet, I worked on finalizing the mud in the dining room. I say worked on, because this corner is all I got done in this room. I really need to focus on one room at a time, but find myself wandering from dining room to kitchen to living room, picking at things here at there. Slowly though, it's all coming together.

The green velvet in the corner of the picture above is the lid of a camera case. While I worked on patching, Superman worked on cataloging my father's camera equipment collection. Superman is very knowledgeable about cameras and photography equipment. He even has a "guy" with whom he trades, sells, and purchases photography equipment. My Mom, like just about everyone else in the world, has gone digital. We are hoping at least some of the film equipment has value.

I'm still stuck wasting time watching bridal shows, though my focus has changed. I'm done with the dress show, and am now mesmerized by the insanity of Bridezilla. I've watched a few shows, and it's like driving slowly by a train wreck. I both do and do not want to continue looking. The brides so far have been completely spoiled brats. There is a lot of whining and crying and stamping of feet. A lot of OCD and demanding perfection, with a healthy dose of "I shouldn't have to do anything" and "what is your problem?!?" I'm just sitting here with my mouth open, stunned, alternating disbelief with hysterical laughter. Laughter is good, right?

Positives for the day

1. Hysterical laughter, no matter how inane the subject matter (see Bridezilla above).

2. The weather continues to hold, allowing me to run outside for the better part of this week. It looks like snow for the weekend, but it was supposed to snow all week so maybe the running gods will continue to smile in my general direction. Otherwise, I'll have to figure out a long run either before or after the inclement weather, as I'm not yet ready to do 8 miles on my treadmill.

3. I found out today Monkey Boy will be home on leave in June, and then again over Christmas. He has missed the last 2 Christmases here at home, so this is very exciting!

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Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I tend to clean by wandering around and doing little bits here and there until everything is done. It may not be effective, but it keeps me from getting bored.

Whenever I watch Bridezillas I am baffled by how these guys agree to marry these hose beast women.