January 28, 2012


No, this isn't the 11 random things post everyone has been doing. It's just random things.

1. If you look to your left, you'll notice I added easy-peasy widgets for you to see my posts either by RSS feed or directly in your email. With all the changes, and all the opinions about the changes going on with Google and Google+, this offers a simple way to keep up with your favorite blogs when Followers and Friend Connect go away.

2. In the process of what my Mom calls "domestic archeology," I found a box of 8mm and super 8 film canisters. Some were purchased (Mickey Mouse and a Christmas concert by the Philadelphia Orchestra). Some are home movies. I also found the projector, and planned to watch/refilm them with Superman's digital camera. It turns out the projector needs work, which may or may not be possible since parts will be difficult to find. Sad Panda looks at the film and projector sitting in my living room every day, wondering what is in those canisters.

Today I found a film transfer service that will convert them to DVD for only $10 each. Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

3. It's official. Christmas is finally over. If you remember, I was a wee bit upset when my attempt to participate in a blogger gift exchange didn't work out as planned. Rose from Eat, Drink and be Mieri took pity on me, and offered to exchange gifts. I happily went shopping, sent mine off, and promptly forgot about it. Her gift arrived the other day, and I have to say it's far better than the silly socks and headband I sent her.
The package smelled of strawberry, which scent promptly filled my kitchen. This was from the Gotein protein powder, something I tried to win in at least one contest several months ago. You're supposed to put it in a 20 oz. water bottle, but I've tried other protein powders in water with horrible results. I put it in a 24 oz. bottle of milk. Let me tell you, there's easily a half cup of powder in those packets. It took a good several minutes of shaking to mix it all in. The result was... ok. Bland. Nothing spectacular, but I didn't really expect rainbows and unicorns. I can drink it after a run without dread or gagging, which is good enough.

I haven't yet tried the dried bananas, and smiled at the KT tape. Those I will use! The Chi Running book is one I've looked at in the stores, but hadn't gotten around to purchasing. Overall I'm a happy camper, and wanted to give a shout out to Rose. Thank you, my friend! You made the "positives today" list 3 days running now.

4. Today's weather forecast:
Today's weather (so far):
I'm thinking today will be a treadmill run. Maybe speedwork. I obviously need more speedwork, as my gps app will attest:
Straight out the door, with no warm-up
Straight out the door.
No warm up
with a net elevation gain
After the previous mile, so warmed up
and basically down hill
I really wish I could have hung on for that last one, but I ran out of oomph. This speed increase is brought to you by my running every day. I haven't done any speedwork. I haven't lost any weight. I certainly haven't been eating right. I wasn't even well hydrated. The only difference has been running every day. 

5.  You learn something new every day. 
Apparently the definition of Kung Pao is "with peanut." I did not know this, and with no descriptions on the menu at the Chinese place last night, ordered Kung Pao Shrimp. I am allergic to peanuts. Not in a "I'm going to blow up and die" way. More like "I'm going to break out horribly tomorrow and be very uncomfortable with the way I look for the next week." It took me until my late 30s to figure out peanuts were the cause of my lifelong (since puberty) acne. This is still sadness-making. It's like being allergic to chocolate or bacon. While almond butter & jelly is good, it just isn't the same. Every once in a while I throw caution to the winds and accept the consequences for a Reese's or Snickers. Yesterday was not one of those days though, and I had to change my order to General Tao's chicken. I didn't trust them not to take my plate in the back and simply pick the peanuts off. 

6. Speaking of eating, I've decided to walk away from the OCD goal of tracking my food within an inch of my life. While I'm not super happy with my body, and I certainly don't want to gain weight, I'm not really interested in losing weight either. I want to not be obsessed with food. For this to happen, I have to stop making myself analyze every calorie I consume. At the same time, I have to think about food enough to make healthy choices. My main meal for the week is a mix of beans, berries, and vegetables ala Salad Bar style:
Add in some salmon and as much spinach/spring mix greens as I want, and I won't go hungry. I might add trail mix. I might have some crackers. I will definitely have my coffee, and maybe even a cookie or two. What I have to focus on is whether or not I'm hungry. My biggest problems are emotional eating, and evening boredom or fatigue eating. These have nothing to do with hunger. I'm thinking if I eat the salad stuff all day, that will let me graze to satisfy the emotional thing. Adding the berries gives the salad a sweetness too, which will help. I can then have the salmon later in the evening. The protein should fill me up and hopefully satisfy whatever hole it is I'm trying to fill at that time. I'll be increasing my running mileage too, as an offshoot of the 1K and marathon training goals. If I can stop the emotional and late night eating, my body should normalize and I may lose weight. I wouldn't complain if that were the case, but it's not the main goal here.

All this planning doesn't sound obsessive at all, does it?

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Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I'm sorry it took so long for me to get it in the mail, but I'm glad you like it, and I'm stoked to be able to brighten your day. =)