February 24, 2011

Yes I CAN!

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Yes I CAN take my bathroom to pieces and put it back together again (with some help from family and friends). I'll have the floor and at least some of the walls tiled this weekend. I won't have a shower until the plumber does his bit, but what I do have is a plan.

Yes I CAN handle another small setback, i.e. my 10 year old dishwasher gave up the ghost today. After much running and calling around, I'll have a new one delivered tomorrow. $100 less than quoted price, with free delivery and disposal of the old dishwasher included. 

Yes I CAN seriously start thinking about replacing the tile in my kitchen. Moving the dishwasher showed where the old tile is pulling up. I have the know-how. All I need is the funds, and I think I have that worked out as well. Bathroom first...

Yes I CAN run a sub-10-minute-mile pace, at least for a quarter mile. I rocked yesterday's progressive quarter-mile intervals, starting at 5mph and ending at 6.1mph with .1 mile walk between each quarter.

Yes I CAN run 2 miles at a faster than 12-minute-mile pace. Proved that today. Uphill, then back down again, with at least half the path covered in snow and ice = 11:49 pace.


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Sounds like tons of positive stuff going on. Keep up the great work!