February 21, 2011

Progress and setbacks

I have a new floor!
The Energizer Bunny and family came over yesterday and helped me make some decisions about my bathroom. Removing the water damaged floor seemed like a perfect plan, once we realized it was made of plywood. Turns out there was solid wood beneath, which was very good to know! I now have a solid subfloor and underlayment for my new tile floor. I laid the tiles out to see where I would have to cut, but cannot actually put the floor in without pulling the toilet again.

Mr. Math (Energizer Bunny's husband) suggested I simply cover the adhesive mess on the walls with greenboard, then tile over that. I went with that suggestion and got the greenboard, but have changed my mind. The room is small enough to begin with, and that would bring the walls out an inch on every side. At this point I plan to remove the adhesive, fix the walls, waterproof them and tile. It will take longer than the other plan, but I really believe it is the best way. The adhesive comes off with a little hammer action. There will be a lot of mudding, but I've gotten pretty good at mudding.


I've been doing a lot of emotional eating the past few days. I can blame the house full of building materials, the state of the bathroom, and lack of shower. I can blame Monkey Boy leaving, and not knowing when I'll see him again. The truth is I've run out of stress-bearing reserves. This has happened only a few times in my life. It's not fun.

Yesterday morning I was in the basement and heard *drip* *drip* *drip*. At some point Saturday my disposal had given way, filled the cabinet under my sink, and drained into my basement. There were a lot of tears while I researched how much it would cost to replace. Not a large repair by any means. Superman bought and installed a new one in no time. I knew it wasn't a major deal, but it was just one more thing, and I didn't have the emotional capacity to handle one more thing.

I've been riding the edge of that "one more thing" for the past week. I've cried more than once. Today I'm supposed to be writing 2 papers. I wiggled out of one (postponed until tomorrow) and have done everything but write the other. I spent some time talking to Dr. J, which was wonderful as I don't often get to chat with her. I spent some time talking to Ninja. I took a nap. I puttered. I'm writing this blog...

I avoided running my 2 miles for the better part of the day too, although I couldn't NOT run when I had to be at the Y to shower. I have not wanted to run, I think because it's doing something good for me, and I'm not in a place where I want to be good to myself. I know this will pass. It will certainly get better even tomorrow, as I make more progress on the bathroom, and on getting my house back. The important thing is I *DID* run. Not only did I run, I bumped the speed up to 5.2 mph, which was slightly uncomfortable but doable for 2 miles


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Lot's of hugs. Things will get better. Great job on getting that run in.

Emz said...

Hang in there.

Home crap [renovation] is hard. been there.

Hugs from AZ!