February 4, 2011

One time, at band camp...

A shy tuba player was assigned to his first marching band squad. His squad leader was a shy trombone player who hid behind a big voice, and bounced all over the field and stands.

Fast forward several years. A chance meeting on the street freshens and deepens the high school friendship.

Fast forward even more. Lives ebb and flow. The friendship renews through shared confidences about relationships, while trying so hard to make them work.

Fast forward several more years. A sighting in a Chinese restaurant.

Years later, a stalking on MySpace.

A note. "Are you..." The one who got away? Yes.

A public meeting made private.

A public dinner made intimate.

An orchestra concert. We walked in friends. We walked out more.

5 years later, here we are.
Happy Anniversary, Superman. I'm so glad you didn't give up on me!

Also, Monkey Boy is coming home from Germany this weekend! He'll be home until the 20th, and promises to show me all sorts of new core exercises. I'm so excited!

Zumba last night kicked my ass! The woman running the class had so much energy... She had me laughing, and I learned some new moves for the dance floor, to boot! It certainly warmed me up. I ran my 2 as 1 (5mph), 1/2 (5mph), 1/2 (4.8 mph). No stopping, but for the breaks indicated. That's progress! I'll be doing Zumba Thursday nights and Saturdays before my long runs, with these results!

Today's a rest day from running. No swimming either, with the pool closed. While you read this, I will most likely be steaming wallpaper off closet walls at my parents. Then Superman and I have a date: dinner and a movie. It's going to be a great weekend!

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misszippy said...

Congrats and happy anniversary!