February 2, 2011

Tid bits...

I received my volunteer assignment for the February 13th Run with your Heart Trail Challenge today. I'll be a trail marshal, making sure runners stay on the correct path near the first mile marker. I'm excited, as this is my first time volunteering. Hopefully some of this snow and ice will be gone by then.

Swimming was interesting this morning, as I was the only one there. It being a non-run day, I was perfectly fine just puttering around in the water, getting my exercise treading back and forth. The instructor had a plan though, and kind of insisted I follow along. It made me smile, and I followed dutifully along. I got some treading water and stretching in after. The pool closes today at noon, and won't be open again until Monday. They are replacing the boiler and some plumbing. Guess I'll actually have to rest on my rest day Friday.

Core work... needs work. The list of exercises I thought would take me 20 minutes only took 6. I did them again, added a few sets of crunches, and stretched. I'll have to research additional exercises, and am open to suggestions. I have a week to come up with a better routine.

And if anyone was worried, we did not get slammed by the snowpocolypse. Yes, a foot of snow. Yes, ice storms. Yes, it's snowing now, but we're only supposed to get a few inches. For all those who got it worse, be thankful this isn't you:

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