February 22, 2011

A whole new world...

We had an ice storm the night before last. The world was like a fairyland, with the sun glistening through every ice encrusted tree.

98% of the adhesive is off the bathroom walls. I'm at my parent's tomorrow, but Thursday I'll be able to sand and mud. Can't patch until I get the right materials Saturday, but progress has definitely been made!

I got my first paper was posted last night, an hour before it was due. The 2nd paper did not, however, get written today. Luckily my team is ok with it being late, and we don't get graded for the pieces, just the entire project. That isn't due for several weeks.

I did not run my 3 miles either, mainly because I wanted to get as much done in the bathroom as possible. I'll run them tomorrow before core work. I has a plan!

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misszippy said...

Amazing pictures! And hey, your bathroom looks like mine right now!