February 1, 2011

Day 2: Progress?

When I hurt my back, the Dr. told me wearing a brace would only make the muscles weaker, by relying on the brace to support things. I go back and forth about knee braces, in part because of this. The other part is, I'm afraid I will change my stride because of the way a brace inhibits movement, hurting other things instead. I understand if I don't support my knee while it's wonky though, things can go awry. I decided today maybe a brace wasn't such a bad idea. I found one that supports my knee, without holding and pulling on my thigh or calf.

Today's run was an improvement over yesterday's, in that it started with a full mile, non-stop, at 5mph. I then broke it down into half milers, each at the same 5mph. The 2nd half miler was more difficult, as my legs were getting heavy. I stopped at the .3 mark (just like yesterday). Instead of walking that last little bit, I started it back up again and ran the .2. My knee only bothered me as I got going the first time. I did notice I have to be aware of picking that foot up. I was skidding it on the tread, instead of placing it down smoothly. That means my form was off, as I was going for a forefoot landing. Once I got a good turnover and form going, I was fine.

After running was yoga. I didn't realize a Silver Sneakers yoga class means they use chairs. No mats, and I was sliding all over the gym floor in my socks. I tried to get a good stretch out of it, but came away disappointed. It was also awkward because someone I used to work with finally realized who I am. She didn't recognize me because I cut my hair, and because she didn't expect me to be there during the day. She'd retired before I was fired, so didn't know what happened. I've seen her in the pool, but she was always in the deep end doing her own thing. This is the first class we've had the chance to talk.

What I'm doing doesn't sound like much, but it's kicking my butt. I've come home yesterday and today, needing a nap. I have a friend who also just ramped his workout up, and he says it's like that for the first week or so. Getting up earlier, combined with working harder, means my body needs to rest.

Tomorrow is something of a rest day. Core work and swimming. I'm writing out a workout, so I can check things off as I go. I don't want to spend half the time sitting there saying "what should I do now?"

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