December 15, 2011

An unexpected day off

This is me, semi-defiantly (and also guiltily) taking the day off from ALL my goals (except stretching and working on my parent's house). I got up this morning with all sorts of good intentions. Stretched real stretches. Stopped at the store on the way to my Mom's. Dove right into moving furniture and mudding and stuff.

I cleaned up a bit of wall mudding, then textured the dressing room and closet ceilings.

Dressing Room ceiling: Before
Dressing room ceiling: After
After is hard to see, so a closeup
While talking to my Mom at lunch, I realized I miscalculated how long things will take. I think I figured on texturing the entire ceiling today, but that wasn't happening. This means I now won't start painting until Tuesday (with Monday off). Prime, ceilings, walls, woodwork = finish painting Friday. That doesn't leave any time to move everything back where it belongs before Christmas, unless I work on it either Monday or Saturday.

I'm opting for Saturday, since it will just be pulling the bed apart to move it back against the wall, then carrying boxes of books upstairs. If I'm lucky, Superman will be willing and able to come help.

I left my Mom's with high hopes of getting holiday cookies packaged and mailed out today, with a stop at the dollar store for cards first. That's where I got stuck. I wasn't planning to do Christmas shopping, with my financial situation the way it is. However, I decided I should do a stocking for someone who shall remain nameless. Then, because I was doing a stocking for that person, I decided I should do a stocking for someone else. This is what happens every Christmas: I start shopping and lose my mind.

So I stopped at one store, then another, then another. Then another. I ended up shopping for just about everyone I normally would shop for. Small things.
I came home, made up another batch of cookies, wrapped everything I'd purchased, and packaged what needed packaging for tomorrow's mail.

BAM! Christmas, done. Goals, not so much. I had cookies and a huge bag of veggies for dinner. I didn't run. I didn't study. I didn't clean. I didn't focus on any of my goals after I left my Mom's.

I guess tomorrow's another day.

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