December 10, 2011

Cold runs and tight stretches

This is me, heading out on my very cold 10-miler today. 26 degrees means there's no denying winter is here, even if there is only a dusting of snow. I think I've finally got the layering down too, at least until the wind starts blowing. Today's was the best run this week, though I still felt a bit stiff. That may have been because I started out at an 11-minute-mile. Just a little too fast. Each successive mile was a bit slower, until I hit the turn-around and realized I must have had a tailwind the whole way out. I figured this out because all of a sudden I had a very cold, draining, discouraging headwind. Let's just say I did not negative split this run. On the upside, the Clif bar worked well for fuel. I did not get hungry, my stomach did not rebel, and I did not feel my fueling was insufficient.
Mile 5. Any wonder I had winds to deal with, this close to the lake?
Because I liked the idea so much yesterday, I stretched this morning. Not for long, but I paid some attention to my legs and hips before getting out of bed. I REALLY want to make this a daily goal, but it would have to be achievable... like "stretch something at least once during the day." I'm not ready to go there yet. Not sure why I'm so convinced I can't keep up with a goal like that. I used to stretch every night before I went to bed. That was before I stayed up until 2 am playing WoW or watching Netflix though. That was before I started running, actually. I'm not really sure what happened. Now, stretching is not as enjoyable. It's uncomfortable, because I'm always tight. I know, I wouldn't be so tight if I actually stretched. It's a catch-22 and I've not found my way out of the circular reasoning yet. Yet.

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't.
It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." ~James Gordon

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