December 18, 2011

Hard Core

This is a very unhappy me, not looking forward to 11 miles in a snowstorm. In a few weeks my marathon goal will take me into uncharted distances. This 11 miles took about 2:45, and felt very much like I'd hit those uncharted distances already. The snow changed my stride, and right now I feel the way I did after racing my first half marathon distance. I completed the run though, even with GPS failure that screwed up my fueling plan and a new, hillier route. I thought I was overdressed, but that turned out to not be the case. I pulled the hood off my sweatshirt, my gloves came off for a short period, but otherwise this was perfect. I did get lost in familiar territory, but that is not surprising when the world looked like this:
Superman was even more hard core, running over 13 miles in this mess, coming back both excited and invigorated. "Beautiful!" he called it. "Marvelous!" We obviously had different experiences.

I stretched pretty well before I left, but my calves were still tight from speed work earlier in the week. They did not like the hills at all. The snow cancelled out any sensation of time or distance, as well as any satellite connection, and I didn't realize until somewhere around mile 4 I'd missed my mile 1, 2, and 3 fuel. I tried to make up the difference, without taking it all in at once, but finished the run with 2 miles worth of fuel left in my pocket. I certainly felt the lack. Before I realized the problem, I found myself very pissy, which went away shortly after I did fuel. I felt it at the end of the run too, when I hit a wall I could not force myself beyond. I actually walked the better part of the final mile, and have been fighting fatigue ever since.

After getting warm and dry, I went back out in the snow to get some grocery shopping done. This turned into a several store trip, where I probably walked at least another 2-3 miles. I got everything I wanted, and then some. I came home and started in on my chosen housekeeping goal, which was to clean up some spots on my living room carpet. 
Found at Home Depot, this worked pretty well on older, set stains
I also sprayed my oven in preparation for tomorrow's housecleaning goal. Then I settled in with a Microsoft Access tutorial and finally achieved progress on my learning goal. I don't know that I learned anything more than how to use existing templates, but it's a start. Tomorrow I'm going to see what kind of SQL tutorials I can find, and take the next Access session available. 

I started out good on the weight loss front, but something happened tonight. I think, because I haven't been drinking as much soda, I'm not getting as much caffeine, and I am more fatigued the last few days. I am not eating when thirsty (and haven't actually been thirsty yesterday or today), but I am eating when I feel low on energy. I know around 8 I was very tired, laying on the couch and thinking about going to bed early. Here it is almost midnight and I did not go to bed. I am still tired, but I think I ate my way through my fridge in an effort to stay up. That was unnecessary, and running 11 miles in the snow did not mitigate that kind of damage.
This guy made me happy today. His name is Spaz, and he's been a bit skittish ever since we adopted him off the streets some 7 years ago. He loves to be pet, but refuses to be held. Today was the first day ever he's voluntarily climbed up and laid on my legs while I stretched out on the coach. He got twitchy and a little nervous, but at the same time was kneading in a very satisfied and content sort of way.

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