December 12, 2011

And... done!

This is me, toasting the end of classes. I've officially completed all requirements for my Masters of Information Systems degree. Now all I have to do is wait for grades to be posted, then apply for my diploma.

Today felt like a lazy day, though I did achieve most of my goals for the day. I stretched. I did 80 situps on the Pilates ball. I kept an eye on the school boards all day, got my participation in, followed up with the person responsible for our final team paper, went through the final PowerPoint, and submitted everything.

I made cookies, which didn't set the way they're supposed to, but are very tasty anyway. The cookies kind of ruined my weight loss goal thing, but only kinda. Mostly I was good.

I hung the copper molds my mother gave me, which have been sitting in my trunk, then on my kitchen table for several months. These molds hung in her kitchen all through my childhood, occasionally brought down to be filled with jello and fruit.
I also cleaned the blinds from the kitchen window, which have needed attention for a very long time.

I didn't get anything done at my mother's, but completing my degree requirements counts as one step closer to a job goal. Reaching a goal is also a wonderful anti-depressant!

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