December 12, 2011

Running on tired legs and Cookie Day!

 This is Superman and I, bundled up and heading out for our very cold run this morning.

Today's run was 6 miles. I almost didn't go. I woke up with the top of my foot tender and a pain in my buttocks. I facilitated between staying home, running just 3, or trying for the entire 6. Ultimately I decided I had to at least dress up and head out, because I have to do something toward my marathon goal every day. I felt much better about the idea after a visit with Happy Magic Wonder Ball.
I rolled Happy Magic Wonder Ball in between my back and the wall, using it to work out some of the kinks and tight spots. Miraculously, this was enough to relieve most of the pain in my butt, and the tenderness in my foot. I decided to attempt the 6 and see how far I got, with the option to cut the run short if I felt any pain.

There is a reason I run the day after a long run. I want to get used to running on tired legs, because at the tail end of the marathon it will give me strength and experience to draw on. It will make not only my legs, but me stronger.

Today was a strength building day. I was tired setting out, and the run didn't get much better. I'd like to say I dressed appropriately for the weather, but I actually overdressed today. Within the first mile I'd shed hat and gloves, and pushed the sleeves of my fleece up to my elbows. That was sufficient to keep me mostly comfortable for the rest of the run (except when we got hit with headwinds. Why are there always headwinds when I'm running uphill?).

This run was hard. In part that may be because we were running about 11.5 minute miles. I've definitely gotten faster, to hold that pace for the first 3 miles, given how tired I was. I considered dropping down to a 4 or 5 mile distance, but ultimately decided the whole point was to run tired, so I might as well just run the 6 I'd originally planned.

I did stretch this morning, in addition to Happy Magic Wonder Ball. I'm going to just dive in and say that's another goal - to stretch something every day. It's helpful. It's good for me, and it's preventative medicine for the tight hips that cause IT band issues if I'm not careful.

After the run, Superman and I went shopping for cookie ingredients. Today was my family's cookie day, where we get together and pull out my grandmother's Christmas cookie recipes. Cookie Day has grown from my immediate family, to anyone who wants to gather and make cookies with us. 
Just a small portion of the people gathered at Energizer Bunny's
to visit and bake cookies
A small portion of the cookies we made
This year was special, because we're finally connecting with my some of my father's side of the family. We haven't really spent much time with them since attending weddings when I was a child. Hopefully they will come to more of our family gatherings. They will certainly be invited!

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