December 14, 2011

How do you define success?

This is a very tired me, being proven that camera on my phone actually does take decent pictures... providing you use the one on the back of the phone.

I'm not quite sure why I'm so tired, but it might have something to do with the amount of sugar I consumed today. I spent the afternoon making and eating cookies with Energizer Bunny. It was wonderful spending time with her, but I'm cookied out. I considered all the cookies I ate "lunch," which mitigated some of the damage. Then I had a small, somewhat healthy dinner and a huge amount of vegetables. Toward my weight loss goal, immediately after I got home I put my share of the cookies into the freezer. I'm done with them for a while.

I'm still having a hard time, feeling overwhelmed with the tasks I've set for myself. Insisting on doing one thing each day toward my goals feels like I'm overreaching. Today I stopped to think what defines that one thing? Working toward learning Access and SQL does not mean I have to spend an hour on that every day, or even half an hour. A conversation with Superman can qualify, if it leads to learning. Only thinking about it isn't good enough though. Just because I decided I need a recipe database, in addition to the quotes database, does not qualify as learning for the day.

I haven't had that conversation with Superman yet today. I haven't done anything toward the learning goal, yet today. I've decided not to even count the job hunt goal until the new year, when I have more of a marketable skill.

I was able to get my run in, thanks to Energizer Bunny generously sharing her treadmill. 7x400s at 10-minute-mile pace. I started wondering around the 4th one if I would be able to complete all 7. Somehow I did. Marathon goal - check! I love the idea of owning my own treadmill, though most my runs would still be outside. I know just where I would put one, too...

I did extra duty on the clean house goal. It's interesting to me that now I'm thinking every day what I can do to achieve this goal, I am finding all sorts of projects that don't involve cleaning. Part of that is the work I'm doing at my parents'. I notice repair work wherever I go. I have found several issues in my own house that need attention. Today I focused my attention on winter-proofing the basement window, cleaning my headboard, and since I picked up the necessary supplies this morning, scrubbing the tub.
There are a lot of nooks and crannies involved in cleaning my headboard.
All of this "get out of the funk I'm in" must be working, because I actually laughed today. Since it's the first time I remember doing that in months, I'm going to call it a win for the fight depression goal.

I just now fulfilled my stretching goal, because I'm not counting the stretches I did this morning. From now on I'm only counting quality, non-half-hearted stretches. If I'm going to do something, I should do it right, right?

Oh, and I decided, much as I like my other blog, I'm only going to post here from now on. Two blogs is too much, and this is the developed one. I never promised it would focus solely on running. In fact, it started as a way to focus on the positive. Talking about my goals is the most positive thing I've got going on at the moment.

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Emz said...

Yay! Laughed today!!
Love. That.
Great post.
Enjoyed this.
You're awesome.