December 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday

This is me, kicking back on a relatively lazy Sunday evening. Lazy, because I did not do the 6 miles on my schedule, after yesterday's hard snowbound run. Instead, toward my marathon goal, I decided to rework my playlist. Music is essential to my running, and I haven't changed my playlist in quite a few months. It was time.

Lazy, because I haven't yet stretched, either. Superman and I were up and out early to have breakfast at Gunny Hall with my sister-in-law's family. This is a monthly event that can't be beat. All you can eat breakfast for $7, including good company. I actually was good this morning, eating less than half what I normally would at an all-you-can-eat. I made up for that later in the day though, coming close to 2x my calorie quota, so the weight loss goal has not had a good run this week. I haven't figured out what's triggering all this overeating yet. I'm very much in "I don't care mode," except it's a defiant "I really do care but I'm not going to fight myself" mode instead. I'm thinking another sugar detox would be a good start, though this is a horrible time to try.

I did get my student loan deferment paperwork completed, to help toward my financial goals. I also found both Access and SQL tutorials on Youtube, so learning has been accomplished today as well. And for my housekeeping goal, I scrubbed my oven. Exciting, I know. Actually, it is to me. I don't use the oven often, and haven't scrubbed it in years. Getting in there gave me some ideas of things I can bake and make.

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