December 23, 2011

Nothing gets done when I paint

This is my mother's newly painted bedroom. I still have to trim to do tomorrow. Somehow just pulling the TV off the wall and painting the room, dressing room, and closet took me 9 hours. Not surprising nothing else got done. It turned out really nice though.

I'm beginning to realize I do not like to stretch when I'm stiff. Particularly when my back is stiff. I do little half-hearted stretches that are uncomfortable, then move on with my day, never going back to relieve the stiffness. You'd think that would be when I'd want to stretch the most. I haven't figured out how to change this, yet.

I'm also beginning to realize how incredibly bad soda is for me. At least that's what I'm blaming for my eating today. I did not make my tea this morning, opting instead to start the day with a soda and 2 liters of Amway Nutrilite. Next thing I know that's all I'm drinking is soda, and eating myself out of house and home.

Is anyone else anxious for the holidays to be over, and for normalcy to return? Maybe it's not so much the holidays I want gone, as it is some sense of normalcy back. This has been a long week, having nothing to do with Christmas except as a time frame to finish the bedroom. I believe I would have had the same long days if I weren't trying to finish by a certain date. It just makes sense to complete each step in a single day, as opposed to splitting it up over a few days. The long days just have me a bit frustrated in relation to the rest of my goals. No, Dr. J, I am not kicking myself over them. Just impatient to be working on them. I'll get there. I should just calm the f down and enjoy the season. One week isn't going to make or break anything.

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Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I'm not a fan of stretching in general. Sometimes, if I'm really tight, my trainer will stretch me out, which always hurts, but I'd never do it on my own, so it's probably for the best.