December 28, 2011

Back in the Saddle

This is my calendar for the next week. I'm back with a vengeance from a week off running, where I ate excessively and did not accomplish much on many of my goals. My holiday was everything I hoped it could be, considering this year's circumstances. Superman gifted me with several hours of professional massage to help me recuperate from my long runs and physical labors. My family was delighting and wonderful. That said, it's time to get back to work.

I decided yesterday I should fill out a weekly calendar, then update it daily as I go. I have been trying to pack an awful lot into my days without a clear understanding of how long each thing will take. Case in point, today I planned to be up by 8 (my normal waking time). I gave myself half an hour to putter around and make coffee, etc. before focusing on planning out my meals for the week. I originally had a 5 miler on the calendar, but that didn't happen. I went to bed way late, woke up late, then spent some time on the phone with Aunt Gertie. I'm fighting some sort of bug, and the fact I was stiff and achy did not help get me out the door.

Today was the perfect example of how plans can change. When I got up and moving, I dressed for running but ultimately decided not to run. I then planned to stretch instead. I worked on my marathon plan by adding cross training in the form of yoga on non-running days. I even cleaned up the front bedroom so I have room to do said yoga. It turned out yoga didn't happen either, though I did stretch while working at my Mom's. I planned to work at my Mom's until 4, but didn't leave until 6. When I got home I adjusted the rest of the work week accordingly, realizing I probably will do the same at least tomorrow.

This is my Mom's living room.
This is what it looked like when I started pulling carpet.
I didn't expect the padding to stick quite so much...

This is what I scraped and swept up, after pulling the carpet
And this small portion of floor (behind where I took the first picture)
was all I was able to clear after 5+ hours.
I hoped to pull the dining room carpet today, too.
That obviously didn't happen.
Bronte was very helpful, laying all over any carpet I did pull
and moving to a different section of that carpet whenever I tried to move her off.
I installed a door stopper and fixed the record cabinet that's been broken for as long as I can remember. Gorilla Glue for the win! I also did some shoveling, as we finally got snow 2 days after Christmas.
I'm still working on the eating thing. I was good today, until I got home. Then, for some reason, I couldn't wait for dinner to cook and just started grazing on everything in sight.

We'll see how tomorrow goes, and how I'm feeling by then. The way I feel right now, there will be no running then either.


Aunt Gertie said...

I think that floor is just extra sticky. The padding from the last carpet didn't want to come up either.

Lorraine said...

Perhaps you needed a snack before you left Mom's.By the time you got home, you wouldn't be so hungry/tired and could fix a proper dinner.