May 6, 2011

Sorry. I got lost

I'm working on a new 30-Day Letter Writing Challenge letter, which I planned to post yesterday, but I got distracted. I spent far too much time catching up on this blog. Well, trying to catch up. I haven't even made it through 2009 yet. Rose, you might get a kick out of this post. I know you like

Anyway. You'll get that letter some time next week. I'm sure you can't wait. For now, this is more important
(because she'll be too busy to read this Sunday):


My family (brother, sisters, parents) traditionally goes out to breakfast on Mother's Day. Monkey Boy will miss breakfast, so he sent me a gift certificate to Life is good!

How do you celebrate Mother's Day?


misszippy said...

Nice--I'm sure your mama appreciates it! I'm going to be acting as a mom spectating at my son's swim meet. But brunch will follow!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love Allie! I had no idea she wrote an article for Cracked!

Thank you!!!!

My mom lives about 6 hours away. =( So I will be spending the morning with a friend's mom instead.

Teamarcia said...

I love what you wrote about your mom on my blog! Have a great weekend. As for me, the exact plans remain a mystery at this point.