May 19, 2011

Is it that time already?!?

My mother reminded me this past Sunday that Memorial Day is coming up soon. I won't say I'm completely disconnected from the calendar, since I have several training runs and a few little events like Game Night and my make-up virtual marathon on there. I really had no idea Memorial Day was so close, though. I also promptly forgot again, until my friend Goddess reminded me today. This is kind of an issue, because traditionally I host an annual Memorial Day party.
My house is the size of a postage stamp. This picture shows pretty much the entire first floor. (Don’t ask what kind of weird lens Superman used…) This is why I rarely have company, except in the summer months when we can party outside.
You see, I have a huge back yard.
And a good sized side yard.

My parties are always fun, and you never know what will happen. Sometimes it's laid back sitting and chillin’ and eating and chatting. Sometimes it's a 2 hour water fight involving the entire neighborhood and a flooded bathroom due to retaliatory strikes.
Sometimes it involves dressing up in garbage bags and making a giant slip ‘n slide out of a tarp.
Unfortunately, the master planner behind most of the shenanigans is currently in Germany, but I fully expect to enjoy myself regardless. There's always good food and good people.

Hopefully it doesn’t rain. Things get interesting in my teeny tiny house when it rains. It’s going to be interesting anyway, the day after my make-up marathon.


RoseRunner said...

hehehe, you are quite the party host!! I'd rather be outside anyway, so sounds like a great party. all thats missing is a hot tub!

Energizer bunny said...

Hmmmm.... How can we manage to create a hot tub....