May 4, 2011

A reason to Twitter

6am Friday morning, an amazing woman will embark on an amazing journey. She has run 12 marathons and a 50-mile man vs. horse race. None of that compares to what she will accomplish in 24 hours on a treadmill. Why? Besides because she can, that is? Because it takes a stunt, an amazing accomplishment, something out of this world to get people's attention.

I've mentioned EMZ several times. Why does she want attention? Not for herself. For the Sojournor Center. Check it out. Donate. Then come back because I need your help.

See, I'm very excited for EMZ and her treadmill run. Excited enough to want to follow her adventure on Twitter, since she's promised to keep everyone up to date.

Confession time. I have no clue how to use Twitter. I have an account and know how to follow people, so that's good. I use Facebook though, and have never really found a use for Twitter, besides following and tweeting people's contests for extra entries. I can keep track of how EMZ's run goes, but I haven't the first clue how to tell her how amazing I think she's doing. If I had any real followers, I wouldn't know how to let them know, either.

So. Anyone out there Tweet? Any suggestions on where I can find "Twitter for Idiots" in time to pick up a few tips ... tomorrow?

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Emz said...

more & more

Dawn will be twitterizing ;) from my phone. YAY!!!

she's the twitter pro - thank goodness.