May 2, 2011

Mind, Body, Spirit. = BOREDOM

I really like the idea of writing down weekly and even daily goals. Writing them publicly makes it even better, more accountable in a way, even if I don't announce when I fail to meet the goals.

This is how my Mind Body Spirit posts have felt. The first one I was really excited about. Everything was new and I had a lot I wanted to achieve. The second post, I had a lot I wanted to achieve, but it was mostly the same things from the prior week. Both posts I worried were walls of text even I didn't want to go back and read through. I also found it was easy to forget about my goals by the end of the week. I'd have to think back, or go back, to see what I'd hoped to accomplish.

This is all a work in progress (just like me!). For now I'm going to try writing out my goals every day. 
Mind: classroom participation
Body: run 5 miles; 100 Pushup Challenge; Wii Yoga
Spirit: finish painting my parent's woodwork
Affirmation: I am healthy, capable, and working toward a better me

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