May 10, 2011

It doesn't take much to get me excited

Just give me a patch of dirt
and some plants
And a shovel

Eh Voila!
Avocado, which grew from a seed in my kitchen, but got too big.
It sadly won't last the winter here.
It's already not happy with the temperatures.

Grapes, which I planted late last year, and wasn't sure they survived.
They did!
Now I have to find the right trellis...

Strawberries, because I saw them at Home Depot yesterday
and just had to have them.

Green Peppers, which started life last year in Topsy Turveys out a bedroom window.
They wintered well in the house, but are upside down.
One of them broke right at the root while transplanting.
I'm curious to see how they survive
because I may dig them up again this fall.

Raspberries, which are transplanted from my sister's yard.
The ones she gave me before did not survive last year's waterproofing.

Blackberries, because I saw them at Home Depot today
and just had to have them.

My lilac, which DID survive last year's waterproofing.
It won't bloom for another year or two,
but it will bloom eventually.
Add a brand new sprinkler,
and I am one happy camper!
BTW, the hay you see is the new grass seed the condo association laid today. That makes me happy as well, since the waterproofers basically killed off my entire lawn.

There will be sunflowers at the corner of the building, as well.
Those were planted last weekend. Most of the fruit plants won't produce for a year or two (or three), but I'm excited just knowing I have them. You can bet I'll be checking on a regular basis, just in case!


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

What a great bunch of plants!

This makes me want to get my garden on.

Teamarcia said...

You are not alone girl. I am totally excited looking at your handywork! I love gardening and I envy your sunny patch of land! enjoy!