May 26, 2011

Thinking Things Thursday

It’s a bullet point kind of day…
  • These came in yesterday:
    I ordered them on-line in a men’s size 8, expecting that to equal the women’s 9 I had. The pair I had worked well, besides being a bit narrow and until they got waterlogged. I hoped the men’s would have a wider toe box, which they do. The new pair fits perfectly. So perfectly I’m afraid they may not work for longer runs. They are not the half size large I expected.

    I’d thrown the other pair out after last weekend’s disaster of a run. If I return this new pair for a larger size, I am without running shoes for at least 2 weeks. THAT isn’t going to happen. I’m on the fence about purchasing yet another pair, in a larger size. My budget is already stretched so thin it’s transparent…

  • I’m testing out the Kinvaras today with a short run, to see how both they and my feet feel. I still hurt from last Sunday’s idiocy, and I may not be able to run my make up marathon this weekend because of it. As usual, since I know I have no common sense, I let Superman define the go/no-go guidelines. If I cannot run 3 miles pain-free by Saturday, I cannot run/walk a marathon Sunday. The next timeslot available to run the marathon, if I can’t do it Sunday, is July 4th weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

  • I’ve decided to run the Really Big Free Marathon as my first official marathon experience. I won’t have the cash to sign up until July, and hope they won’t be sold out by then. I’ll certainly have a job by next November, and will figure the rest of the logistics out as I go. I think I’ve convinced Cinderella to run it with me as her inaugural marathon as well! I’m so excited about that! Her Prince has done several marathons, so may run it too. I know it won’t be difficult to convince her to come to Vegas. It’s getting her to the starting line I’m not so sure about.

    I’m also not sure if Superman will run this with me. I’m pretty sure Vegas does nothing for him, though I know he wants to run a marathon. I’m tempted to sign him up myself, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what he wants.

  • The Perfect 10-Miler finally got their on-line registration sorted out, so I’m officially signed up for that race. That gives me a race in June, a race in August, and a race in October. Unless something incredibly irresistible comes across my radar, this will be the extent of my 2011 racing season. While I love the idea of racing every month, I don’t believe I have enough of a fitness base to do so injury free. That’s what I’m taking from last year’s experience, anyway.


Emz said...

Can't wait to hear on the Kinvaras!!

I love Saucony. Have wanted to try those.

HOpe the run goes awesome!!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I'm eying that Vegas marathon, too. I wish it weren't 18 months away. I live driving distance from Vegas, though, so it's easier to plan.