May 21, 2011

Game Night!

I'm am currently in a flurry of cleaning and cooking, preparing for Game Night! This is a new tradition started this year within my little circle of friends, which we round robin host once a month.

Tonight, we will play Celebrilicious (courtesy of Single Dad Laughing).

Supplies: paper, writing implements, one minute timer

1. Each person writes the name of a well known celebrity, public figure, famous person, whatever, on different slips of paper. Make sure the names are people that almost everybody will know. Fold each piece of paper in half and put them all in a bowl, box, or hat.

2. Split into two teams.

3. Choose a team to go first. One person from that team spends one (timed) minute helping teammates guess the names on the paper. In this round, the only rule is that you can't say the famous person's name. Once the minute is up, the bowl (or box, or hat) is passed to the next team.

4. The next team then has one minute to do the same. The bowl is passed back and forth until there are no more slips of paper. Both teams count their total slips of paper and mark down their score.

5. All the celebrity names are then put back into the bowl and the teams take turns again, doing the exact same thing, with the exact same names. Only on round two, whoever's up front can only say ONE WORD to describe the celebrity.

6. Round three is exactly the same as the other rounds, except there is NO talking, only acting out the names in the bowl. (Hint: It helps to remember the names from previous rounds).

And that's it! Count up your total points between the three rounds.

In our case, we will probably play this several times over the course of 4 to 5 hours, interspersed with good food, moderate amounts of alcohol, and I'm certain much laughter. We won't want to play it again for a very long time, but that's ok. There are a lot of games out there, and we always find something everyone can agree with.

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Emz said...

now this sounds awesome.

I'm a huge game girl.

the pita . . . not so much but that's what sisters and friends are for right?!