May 11, 2011

Brick Workout, Sheba Style

First of all, I can no longer thing of "brick" anything, without now thinking of this. Thank you Allie Brosh!  You really have to go look. Right click and open it in a new tab or window. I think my favorite is "Truth or Brick," or maybe "Brick Tag"

I know a brick workout is normally a duathlete or triathlete endeavor, of which I am neither. I had to look up why they are called brick workouts. Because they are hard? Because that's what your legs feel like when you're done? Turns out it's because you stack one workout on top of another, like you do a brick wall. That's what I'm doing today, in an unconventional sense.
I say unconventional because my first workout was not originally billed as such. It's no secret I've been working at my parents' house. We're redoing the back bedroom, which is covered floor to ceiling with tape and staple holes. The remnants of teen angst, I'm sure. There is also water damage from a poorly done roof job and gutter issues. 
This gives a fair idea of what I"m working with. The white is mud, which needs to be sanded smooth enough you can't see it once primered and painted. You can tell the ceiling needs as much mud as the walls. I've got the walls done, and after 3+ hours of sanding, the ceiling is close to halfway done. Sanding above your head makes for an awesome upper body workout. My arms, shoulders, and back are TIRED!

Because I've been on my feet, up and down the ladder, up and down stairs, I have to stretch before I try to run. My hips are stiff. My back is stiff. Without stretching, my run would not be pleasant at all.
The run is an easy 4.5 miler. I say easy, but it's in Superman's neighborhood. This means there are some killer hills to deal with. I plan to take it easy, as I have a race Sunday so this is supposed to be taper. We were supposed to do 3 last night in my neighborhood, but Superman ran late and I had somewhere to be. I'm looking forward to running with Superman, as our schedules have not coincided much at all lately and it's been several weeks since we've had the chance to head out together.

Off to get cleaned up and stretched out.

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misszippy said...

I think it's a legit brick! Maybe you can start a new trend...