October 28, 2010

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge

I have considered taking on this challenge since my cyber-friend Lady Di over at Nothing But Gray Matter started hers, several weeks ago. I enjoy writing and blogging again after a long hiatus, but find I don't always have something to say. This will probably be the first of many writing-assignment-type gap fillers. Don't worry, I'll let you know when I'm just filling space. It's not required reading, and you won't be tested at the end.

Like Lady Di, I will not write letters for 30 days straight. First, I have a life that does not always allow me to write. Second, I don't really want to scare off my little band of faithful followers. Rest assured, there will be real life and running interspersed. 

I will head each letter post with the topic of the day, e.g. "Letter to my favorite internet friend," so those who are not interested can skip that day's post. I will not name the people to whom my letters are written. If you recognize yourself in a post, send me a note and I will (probably) let you know if it's you. I'm all about changing names to protect the innocent (and guilty!) so you may find yourself with a new moniker in the process. 

The list of letters to be written:
My best friend
My crush
My parents (guess I can't protect them!)
My sibling (or closest relative)
My dreams
A stranger
My ex
My favorite internet friend
Someone I wish I could meet
Someone I don't talk to as much as I'd like
A deceased person I wish I could talk to (ooooh!  Brains!)
The person I hate most or who caused me a lot of pain
A person I wish could forgive me
Someone I've drifted away from
The person I miss the most
Someone who's not in my state/country
Someone from my childhood
The person I wish I could be
Someone who pesters my mind
The one who broke my heart the hardest
Someone I judged on a first impression
Someone I want to give a second chance to
The last person I kissed
The person who gave me my favorite memory
The person I know is going through the worst of times
The last person I made a pinky promise to
The friendliest person I knew for only a day
Someone that changed my life
The person I want to tell everything to, but am afraid to
My reflection in the mirror

I will write my first letter later today. I hope you enjoy the ride! 

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