October 30, 2010

Letter To My Best Friend

I cannot choose just one best friend. I am lucky enough to have 3. 

Superman, for 28 years now you have amazed me with your curiosity, intelligence, talents, sensitivity, and heart. We lost contact several times over the years, but the friendship was always there, easily renewed once we found each other again. I believe that has more to do with you than I, as even when I was too ashamed to call you friend, you were still there for me. I enjoy your company on long road trips, where conversation and silence are both comfortable, and the car offers an intimate connection not available during our normal, hectic lives. Conversation with you almost invariably includes at least one burst of laughter, and frequently a tidbit of knowledge I otherwise would have missed. I love that you focus on learning, that your explorations cover such a wide range of topics. I know, were I to decide I was going to the moon, you would encourage me and do what you could to help me achieve that goal. You show (almost) unlimited patience, and have listened to me day after day after day, working out issues or simply venting to release steam. You push me to work toward my stated goals. You enjoy with me my guilty pleasures. You have expanded my horizons, and I look forward to sharing adventures with you for many, many years to come.

Goddess, you are one of the smartest people I know. I understand you are strong, not so much because you want to be, but because you have to be. That does not in any way diminish the strength you exhibit regularly, and which I admire greatly. Together we share our realist perspective on the world, and fight to keep it from dragging us down. We also share similar ideas on parenting, fun and play, along with a sprinkling of philosophy and psychology. We may disagree on the occasional musical group or writer, but many of our tastes coincide. Our friendship has also waxed and waned, though we've tried to stay in touch. I hope we now have enough electronic pathways to keep us in contact for the duration. No matter what the future holds, I will always remember the red-footed pigeons, and I will always remember you.

Cinderella, you have the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met. You are more brave than I believe you know, as what I consider adventure you just call your life. For that matter, you don't give yourself enough credit on several fronts. For the longest time, my habit was to let relationships lapse as lives drifted apart. Even through moves to Chicago and New York, you have been a constant in my life. You have helped me learn how to maintain a friendship over the long term. You have helped me grow. Besides the fact we both recently started running, I cannot name a single thing we have in common. That doesn't stop me from wanting your friendship and your perspective in my life. My interactions with you enrich me, and I look forward to every conversation. 

Edit: Cinderella reminds me we actually do have several things in common, including both being born somewhere in the middle of large families and a history of working in law firms. 8-) Love, love, love her!

I am truly blessed, and I thank the three of you for being who you are. My life is that much better, for knowing you.

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Amy Boukair said...

FYI - I read this while alone in my hotel room in Vegas last night, and have to admit - I got a little misty. :)

Post script - you rock a little bit yourself.