October 28, 2010

OK, so I lied...

I said I would start the letter writing challenge tonight, but instead I'm going to talk about my 3 mile run in Vibrams. I'll start the letter writing tomorrow (or maybe Saturday).

Funny how things work.  My day was similar in many ways to Trail Pigeon's, only in reverse. I started the day picking up Ninja, and hung out with him until early afternoon. We shopped for Halloween costumes, as Superman and I are invited to a movie and TV show themed costume party on Saturday. Superman will be Dr. Cox from Scrubs. I will be Charlie Brown ("I got a rock!"). As Ninja is staying with me for the next week, we also had to do some grocery shopping.
You can't see him.
He's hiding behind his fingers.
I knew I had to run today, but didn't really want to. I put it off for the better part of the afternoon, but finally decided I'd better go before it got dark. I was in no mood for toe tape and shoes, so opted to run in my Vibram FiveFinger KSO's, which I have neglected almost since I purchased them. I fully expect to put more miles on them after November's race. For today, I ran 3, which is twice as far as I've run in them in the past. 

I'm still not certain how best to run in the Vibrams, and remembered Barefoot Neil's observation here, that they are actually in no way like barefoot running. I can't wait until next spring, when I can start running barefoot for real! For now, my feet are not prepared for acorns and random glass. 

I started today's run on just the balls of my feet, with my heels not even touching the ground. After Tuesday's run, I was concerned about my plantar fasciitis and my sore calf. I knew if I did much heel striking I would pay for it later! It didn't take long for my heels to come down though, and I started focusing on 1) relaxing, as Angie Bee always talks about, 2) landing on the forefoot, 3) only touching the heel down lightly, 4) pushing off with the forefoot, and 5) letting my leg stretch behind me in the new stride I've been so happy with.

I'd forgotten that after Tuesday's run I configured Jog Log to tell me my average pace every 10 minutes, so was pleasantly surprised when it said I was running an average 11:23. I am now aware I always start out fast, so took note that I was well below what I still consider my standard 12-minute-mile pace, and kept doing what I was doing. By the 2nd 10-minute announcement, I was in a groove, incorporating all my focus items, and running comfortably. Running, not jogging. When Jog Log told me the second 10 minutes were at an average pace of 11:13, I thought of Trail Pigeon's most recent post, and how she ran each successive mile faster than the last. After my first mile in Vibrams I talked about using them for speed work, at least for now. I wanted to make my last mile faster yet, and started pushing the pace. 

Final splits? 11:18, 11:06, 10:48. I don't know if it's the Vibrams, the shorter distance (yes, it makes me smile to say 3 miles is the "shorter distance"), or what. I do believe I may have to rethink what I call my standard pace. I also think a 2:37 half in November is looking more and more likely. 

I've 11 miles scheduled for Saturday. I'm thinking the route will be mostly flat, and Superman is running it with me. I always do better when he runs with me. My last long run was at a 12:26 pace, with walk breaks and a shoe adjustment. I'm hoping to hit much closer to my race goal pace this time.  

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Pigeon said...

Great job on your run!

Have fun on Saturday, can't wait to read about the party.