October 18, 2010

To blog or not to blog...

A friend asked yesterday why I blog. Am I doing this for my own personal satisfaction, or am I looking for some response from my readers (all 3 of you!)? I gave her a detailed answer, for a Facebook comment, but the question continues to haunt me. 
I blog because I enjoy writing, and I can keep up with my thoughts better when I type, as opposed to writing in longhand. Leaving it online prevents accidental deletion or loss from a computer crash. Leaving it out in the open invites readers, and their comments if they so choose. I hope to learn from those comments. 
I blog because, on any particular day, I may feel I have something to say, something to discuss, something to work out, or maybe something interesting to share. I may vent, or purge my head of something that won't leave me alone. I may reach out for help or understanding. The blog becomes a diary, and also a letter to myself, my friends, my family, and yes the random stranger in the blogosphere who happens upon my page. 
Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis
Superman does not like to blog, because he is uncertain what to share and what to keep private. I don't have much I feel needs to be kept private (other than names and places, which have been changed to protect the innocent). I am who I am, and as long as I don't share anything hurtful about somebody else, I prefer to keep things wide open. 
Part of why I blog is the community. Presenting myself as who I am, neuroses, weaknesses, blemishes and all, I hope to encourage and invite others to get to know me through my writing. In reading my posts, I hope they find something that strikes a chord or has meaning for them. At least, the blog becomes a diary, wherein I hope to improve my self expression - even if no one reads. At most, I hope for positive interaction and dialog, to make friends and learn from their experiences. 
Why else do people blog, but to share? Are there any bloggers out there, reading this? What makes you pull that page up, write your thoughts out, and publish that post?


Amy Boukair said...

After seeing that question yesterday - all I can say is, you stole my blog today. LOL. And hey - if you have three followers - that's two more than me! :)
I say just do it. Whatever makes you happy. Whatever floats your boat. If anyone reads it, great. If not, that's great too because it made you happy while doing it. Right? Right.
As you were...

Pigeon said...

It doesn't matter what others say or think, as long as what you are doing makes you happy. Blog away!

Karen said...

I couldn't post on your blog so I'm writing here....
Interesting how my question became a topic of discussion....lol

"Whatever floats your boat" like Amy said, I agree with.

...I find now at this time of my life that I don't share too much what's on my mind. Call me introverted but I don't share as much info... when I feel the need to vent then I will write stuff. Guess it all depends on my mood. I do believe it's good therapy to write and if it helps a person then I'm all for that.