March 22, 2011

What HAVE I been doing?

I apparently fell into something of a funk this past weekend. I've been eating a ton of junk food, not hydrating, forgetting to water my plants, and basically not taking care of stuff around here. I did get my 9 miles in Saturday, thanks in part to Superman. I had 6 on the calendar yesterday, but blew them off in favor of a lazy morning. I'm currently procrastinating as I told myself I'd do the 6 today.

After my lazy morning yesterday, I worked at my parent's. We are almost ready to prime and paint the hallway. I'll do the final sanding/mudding on the 2nd floor Wednesday, and we should start painting Friday. First and second floor, front to back hallways with stairwell, a closet, and a refrigerator nook means at least 4-5 days painting: prime, ceilings, walls, trim. I'll have before and after pics to post when we finally get that done.

Because I didn't get my run on in the morning, I made a deal with myself and put in hard work on my bathroom yesterday instead. I'd painted over the weekend, but still needed to paint the door frame and medicine cabinet. I got that done and started working on putting up the new light fixture. In getting the ground wire out of the electrical box, I dumped a ton of what looks like pencil shavings onto my newly painted, still wet medicine cabinet! Then, just as I was finishing the installation, wouldn't you know I dropped the nut that holds the whole thing to the wall down the crack between the tub and floor! I prepared to go to Home Depot for a replacement. When I went back to get my phone out of the bathroom, I brushed up against my newly painted door frame, getting paint all over my favorite jacket. *SIGH*

Every single day I work on the bathroom, I have to run to Home Depot or Lowes. So I went to Home Depot for a replacement nut, only to find they didn't have anything that would work, and oh by the way I bought that fixture at Lowes. So I went to Lowes and found something that would work.

It was after 6 by the time I got home. I threw my jacket in the wash and got to work. First, I repainted the medicine cabinet and door frame. They will need one more coat, which I'll do today. Then I finished putting up the light fixture. Once I had the fixture up, I realized I'd miscalculated. I couldn't close the medicine cabinet door! I spent quite a bit of time bending and arranging the fixture, all the while praying I wouldn't break it and have to make yet another trip to the hardware store.
I think I need to get lower wattage bulbs, as one blew out already while I was working on the next stage of the project.

Once I got the light fixture and medicine cabinet working together, I started grouting. This went much faster after I jury-rigged my tub faucet. I need a piece of pipe for the spigot, but was able to use the shower pipe Mr. Math left behind, to get water. Lugging a bucket of water upstairs every 5 tiles was not working! I was able to get almost half the room grouted last night.

Today's trip to Home Depot will involve a piece of pipe to connect my tub spigot, and a solution to get the "haze" off my tile. The grout says I should be able to wash it off, but that isn't happening. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have the whole room grouted, the faucet fixed, and the shower curtain rod up. Once I seal the grout I'll be able to shower! THAT is progress!

Oh, and my team handing in our final paper yesterday, as that class ended. I get a week to relax a little while the new class gets under way, before I have to start writing papers again. Yay!


Emz said...


That's a big job!

impressed for sure!!

trailmomma said...

Wow. You want to come and work on my house? :)

My husband is always running to Lowes and Home Depot and coming back with random things.