March 29, 2011

Ok, so I lied

You don't get bathroom pictures today, because it's not quite done. I thought I could salvage the old sink faucet, but whoever installed it did not do so correctly. The whole underside was rusted and corroded. Of course, Superman discovered this just about the time Home Depot closed. No sink tonight = no pictures of a finished bathroom. I'm sooooo close!

In other news, I actually got out to run today. This was difficult as I've been having trouble with motivation. It's also difficult because apparently I've forgotten how to breath. I've got seasonal allergies, my thyroid is acting up (which also makes my nose run for some reason), and my back is stiff from all the sanding and grouting and painting I've been doing. Superman pointed out this past weekend I'm panting within the first 5 minutes, which probably explains why my runs have been the suck lately. This is not good when your planned run is an hour or two!

I tried to focus on my breathing today, but found my music got in the way! I was most comfortable in a 3-in, 3-out rythm, and none of my music matched that beat. Last year I ALWAYS ran with music. No ifs, ands, or buts. This year, I've run 2 and 3 milers without music. Tomorrow's run is 4 miles, and I'm considering running it without music to focus on my breathing.

I considered today's 5 mile run a precursor to the 5 mile race I'm signed up for Sunday. Should be interesting, especially since I'm running 11 Saturday as part of my regularly scheduled training plan. We won't even talk about the fact that I start painting my parent's tomorrow. I only signed up for the 5-miler because Energizer Bunny wanted to run it, though she's now running the half. That and the Towpath is celebrating their 20th anniversary, so we get a T-shirt if we do all 3 races they put on this year. Because I need more T-shirts. I was going to do the 10-miler and the half later in the year anyway. It just made sense to sign up for this one as well.

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