March 15, 2011

Big doin's going on

I'm scraping together $50 to support EMZ of If I Can't Convince You, I'll Confuse You in her 24 hour treadmill run. EMZ is my kinda gal. She rocked a 50 mile Man Against Horse race. She's run like a gagillion (11) marathons. She's a great Mom who starts food fights with her daughter. She's also one of the more positive, inspiring, and supportive people I've ever come in contact with. EMZ is pulling off this insanity to raise money and awareness for the Sojourner Center.

From the Sojourner Center website:

Since 1977, Sojourner Center has provided shelter and support services
to thousands of individuals affected by domestic violence.
Through empowerment families discover hope and have the opportunity
to build a new future free from violence. As the nation's
largest domestic violence shelter, Sojourner Center is
a tireless advocate for domestic violence victims and survivors.
With the continued support of the community,
Sojourner Center can help women and children
overcome the impact of domestic violence, one life at a time.

Please consider donating. Donations can be made through EMZ's blog (here). Click the Donate button on her right sidebar, and it will take you step by step through the process. While you're at it, check out her blog. She's funny. She's real. There is no one like EMZ.

Meanwhile, if you take a look over at my sidebar, You'll see I'm participating in my first marathon! Well, it's not a real marathon. That won't be until next year. This is a virtual marathon put on by Barefoot Neil, because he can't participate in the real one he signed up for. Family comes first, and you have to respect the man for that.

The deal is, I have to run 26.1 miles on, or within the 2 weeks before, May 1st (with at least 1K run on May 1). I'll be running mine cumulatively. Neil will run his all on May 1. He's a madman who runs outside all through Calgary winters. Click the picture to check out his race, then check out his blog.

In the real world, this was my 4 mile run today. 40 degrees is not bad. I knew I would be running in the rain. I did not know I would be hurdling over snow piles and puddles. It made for an interesting time, at any rate.

Back to tiling. Hopefully I'll get the walls done today...

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