March 2, 2011

Additions to the lineup

I'm officially signed up for the Towpath Trilogy Race Series, which effectively gives me running goals through the end of the year. It also nets me yet another t-shirt, about which I'm slightly ambivalent. Mostly I'm excited because Energizer Bunny plans to sign up for them all as well. She's trying to decide if she'll run the 5 April 3, or if she banked enough distance over the winter for the half marathon. I'm trying to figure out how to fit the 5-miler into my current plan, which is based on a half marathon and geared to end April 23. Right now I've got 11 miles on the calendar the day before the 5-mile race, and 5 miles the day after. Race day was supposed to be a rest day. Even if I walk it, it will be a PR as I haven't yet raced that distance.

On the bathroom front, I should be able to start tiling the walls tomorrow. I still have a bit of cleanup to do in the corner behind the toilet, which my Dad reminded me I can get to by pulling just the tank. I'll do that, clean up a little of the thinset under the tub faucet that bowed in drying, then start cutting tiles. It will still probably take a week or more before I can shower at home. Tiling the walls will likely take 2 days. Tiling the floor I can hopefully do in one. Grouting will probably take at least 2 days (floor one, walls one). Then it's just paint and fixtures. I'll be working at my parents off and on during the process, though I've been told I'm banned from their house as soon as the toilet is pulled, since I can't put it back in until I'm done with the floor. 

I was at my parent's today. The current project is the hallway, which runs through the center of the house, front to back on both the first and second floor. It includes the stairway and landing, the nook between the master bedroom and 2nd floor bath, the nook between the hall and kitchen where they have their refrigerator, and the hall closet. It's easily a quarter of the space on those 2 floors. Dad and I have been working on it off and on for over a month, and we're getting close to done. All that's left is the refrigerator nook, another coat of mud on the ceiling repairs there, the back hall and outside the bathroom, and sanding of the gallons of mud everywhere else. I count another 2-3 days of mud work, then we're primering and painting. We should be able to move on to the half-bedroom/sewing room by mid-March. 

Heading off for core work, homework, and a little quality time with Superman...

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