March 4, 2011


A You're an Antelope
B You're a Buffalo
C You're a Cantelope with ears
D You're a Dinosaur
E You're an Elephant
F You're a Fairy in my arms
G You're a Goody-goody
H You're so Homely
I You're an Icky-Icky Poo!
J You're a Jelly Bean
K You're a Kidney Bean
L You're a Lima Bean too
M, N, O, P I can go on and on
Q, R, S, T Alphabetically speaking, you're disgusting!
U Wear no Underwear
V You're a Vomit-head
W, X, Y, Z...
I like to ramble through the alphabet with you
and tell you how you nauseate me!

My kids' kindergarten teacher hated me.

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