March 7, 2011

The real ABC's

I couldn't help myself. When I saw these ABCs floating around the blog world, all I could think of was the alphabet song I learned in Girl Scouts, of all places. Which I then taught to my children as a fun way to learn their ABCs, which they then sang to their kindergarten teacher...

To make up for Friday's post, today I'm doing the real ABCs. You're about to learn more about me than you probably wanted to know.

Age - 4 days older than Superman, which makes me the older woman (Cougar?).
Bed size - water bed king. And yes, I take up the whole thing.
Chore I hate - hate is such a strong word. Probably dusting, since I do it so rarely.
Dogs - currently none. Instead I have:
Ninja's Odin is the baby in the family
Monkey Boy's Spaz is the old man

Essential start to my day - caffeine in at least one of its various forms.
Favorite color - anything in the red to blue range (read "purple").
Gold or silver - silver, unless it's money in World of Warcraft.
Height - currently 5'6", though I was 5'7" at one time.
Instruments - I played a trombone named Monster in high school.
Job Title - Jan of all trades, Mom
Kids - 0. Masters of Disaster = 2. Adult children = 2.
Live - Yes. Somewhere in Northeastern Ohio.
Mom's name - Mom. She'll also answer to Lorraine, Lorrie, or Mrs. Ehrlinger.
Nickname - Sheba. Shebajc. Coop. Gypsy.
Overnight hospital stays - 5
Pet Peeve - I don't keep peeves, so no pet ones for me.
Quote - "Babies don't go clang!" The Thief and the Cobbler
Right or left handed - ambidexterous
Siblings - Big Bro, Princess, Little Big Sister, Energizer Bunny, Dr. J.
Time I wake up - 8:00
Underwear - No
Vegetable I dislike - I've never met one I didn't like
What makes me late - puttering
X-rays - teeth, back (multiple), kidneys (multiple), salivary gland
Yummy food I make - Decadent Brownies
Zoo animal favorite - big cats, big snakes

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