March 24, 2011

Anything and Everything

I am convinced I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I will find a way to accomplish anything, so long as I want it enough. I just have to want it enough, and set my mind to it. Those are not always the easiest things to accomplish.

What I am not capable of, is everything. At least not everything all at once. Case in point: This past week I  completed an A+ certification lesson, finalized an MIS project, and attended a new MIS class. I sanded and mudded my parent's hallway. I have been to Home Depot and/or Lowes every single day. I painted and grouted my bathroom walls, and today laid the tile floor.  

What I have not done this week, is run. 
This is my half marathon training schedule. The X's are days I have completed the exercises scheduled. The blued out squares are days I have not completed the exercises scheduled. Please note this past week (that would be the all blue one). I've been too physically exhausted from the other things I'm doing, to do anything physical.

If I'm lucky, tomorrow I'll get to the pool in time to swim. That hasn't happened yet this week, because I've been too tired to get out of bed in time.

I'm actually looking forward to my run on Saturday. I've found a new path with long slow rolling hills. The uphills don't kill me so much I can't fly on the downhills. I like flying on the downhills. Makes me feel like I can actually run.

Tomorrow, I'll be cleaning up some of the construction mess. I have to wait until at least mid-afternoon to grout. Saturday (after my 10-miler) I will put the toilet back, seal the grout, and put up fixtures. Saturday night, I will take a shower in my own damn house, before going out to celebrate!


Lorraine said...

I like the dark floor. I think you did well to contrast.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Looks great! I like your choices!