June 12, 2012

A post NOT about where I'm going to run!

I have a confession to make. I haven't been running, or doing much of anything lately. I haven't run since last Tuesday. I did something either Thursday or Friday that by Saturday night caused severe discomfort in my right groin area. Before you get all "Ew!" and "TMI!" let me pull up Dr. Google.

It feels like I've pulled or pinched the Gracilis, but I say that only because it is the closest to the inside of my thigh, right where it connects at the bottom of the hip bone. It could also be the adductor brevis, which appears to connect at the same place. Whatever it is, I felt it across my tailbone first, and in my left hip. By Sunday I had the groin, a pain in my butt, and a tightness that traveled up my back into my right shoulder blade area. The back issue may be because the other problem changes the way I walk and hold myself. Stretching helps. Moving helps, but the discomfort comes back. 

It thought rest would help, but that doesn't appear to be the case. It is better today than it was Saturday or Sunday. Moving really does help. I didn't feel it at all today while I helped my Mother and Aunt take care of this:

6 yards of mulch, spread. My lower back hurt. I have trouble walking stairs and my arms are sore now, but I didn't feel the groin issue until a good 3 hours after I got home.

I haven't been sleeping well, and with this "injury" I've been afraid to run. I simply roll over and tried to get a bit more sleep when my alarm goes off. I'm going to try again tomorrow to mimic my new work schedule and get a run in, partly because I need to get used to getting up earlier, and partly because moving really does help. If it turns out I can't run, I know I can at least walk. 

I just found this blog, which describes almost exactly what I'm experiencing. It sounds like maybe I somehow inflamed my sacroiliac joints. I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back and hip. I wonder if the this is related? The good news is, stretching should help. Now I HAVE to add that yoga in every day. 

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