June 27, 2012

Little Miss Over-Achiever Strikes Again

First, to get it out of the way, work is going well. I haven't broken anything since Monday. Even that didn't affect clients and was easily fixed. Because I apparently need something to worry about, I'm now concerned because the other two guys have processed more tickets than I have in the past 3 days. I don't know if they have solved the issues and resolved or closed the tickets. I don't know what issues they were handling (at least one of them is deliberately taking the easier tickets). What I do know is Rudy has processed about 20 tickets per day. Mike has done a total of 36. I've done 20, total.

Obviously, after only 3 days, I fail.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone but me, but I may have bitten off more then I can chew on the running front.

The getting up at 6:30 thing is working out fabulously. I refuse to get on the computer because I know I'll get stuck and not run, so I have half an hour to putter while I wake up. I do housework. I water my garden. I feel quite productive before I even get to work!

I love having multiple alarms on my phone. I have one set to wake up. Another for when to leave on my run. Another for the last possible minute I can hop in the shower and still get ready to leave before the final get-out-the-door-now alarm goes off. They all have fun sounds too. My time to run alarm is a superhero theme.

I've been running about 5 miles per day. I set the timer for half an hour and just go, with little more than a general direction in mind. I do have to stay in a relatively straight line. I can't take too many turns or I'll get lost when the timer goes off and I want to retrace my steps.

5 miles every day is a lot of miles, when my running calendar looks like this:

What I'm saying is, my legs are tired. I've also been struggling with that old pain in the ass issue, that literally is a pain in my ass. I run for a while, my ass starts to hurt. I walk for a while until the pain goes away. I run again, until my ass hurts. I'm doing a lot of walking right now. I'm also apparently running rather fast, considering my mph even with all that walking.

I'm working on my form, engaging my core more, which seems to help. I started stretching, rolling, and doing crunches on the stability ball after my runs this week, which also appears to be a good thing.

Go figure.

I also spent $40 on one of these:
I had a regular roller, but didn't like it and never used it. This, I like. I only wish either my thighs were smaller or this was larger. There is a larger version, but it retails for $70, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I want one A LOT, but I just cannot justify that price tag. But I want it. I'm not sure yet which part of me will win that particular struggle.

I'm trying to be good and smart and not actually injure myself again. I decided I'm not going to run as long tomorrow, and probably Friday as well. Next week I'll start up at half an hour out again, and see how it goes. I also decided not to increase that initial outbound run time until I can do the whole run, out and back, every day for a week without walking.

It's altogether possible I'll still be attempting 5 miles a day at the end of the year.

I'm ok with that. A girl's gotta have goals, after all.

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