June 30, 2012

Just another manic Saturday

That was supposed to be the title of today's blog, but it turned out to not be quite as manic as I originally thought.

I started the day sleeping in, to be woken by a call from the refrigerator delivery guys. Superman had a very expensive month, replacing 2 hot water tanks and now a fridge. Bad blogger that I am, I didn't take pictures of the delivery. The fridge looks something like this:
 After the truck drove off, I packed up and headed out myself. I had a list of things to accomplish today.

If you remember, I talked here about my Hoka's, which were too big and uncomfortable to run in. I called the Boulder Running Company about them, got voicemail so left a message. No one ever called back, but when I came home Wednesday I found a box in my door. They sent me a replacement pair of Hoka, a size smaller. These are much more comfortable to run in. The box you see above is in the backseat of my car, outside the post office. I sent the original pair back.

From the post office, I went and filled my tank. I'm not accustomed to doing this on a weekly basis, but I guess I'll have to become accustomed. I fit the tank filling into my planned route, so I could take advantage of Fuel Perks. It's a little out of my way, but when the perks add up the savings are worth the trip.

Will you drive farther to save money on gas? I won't go to BP (no, I haven't forgiven them for the oil spill), so I'll drive farther to go to a different station. I'll also drive farther if there's enough savings involved.

Will you drive to run? I used to answer this question with a resounding NO. Why drive when I can just open my front door and go? I now have a new answer for that question, and it involves the park near where I work. I won't be running before and after work any longer, but you will find me there most Saturdays if I have any say in the matter.

This is why:
This is part of the picnic area where I normally park.
Apparently it's possible to reserve "the whole park"
At least that's what the lady who told me I couldn't park there said

Hey look! A trail!
I wonder where that goes...

It goes here

and here

and here

and here!
Overall, I ran an hour and 20 minutes. I think I covered about 6 miles. My GPS wasn't working, so I really don't know, and honestly I really don't care. It was a fantastic run! I would run until I hit a dead end in the trail, then find a landmark and make a turn. I was certain I'd get lost, but was able to find my way back no problem. There are so many more trails out there to explore! I can't wait.

After my run, I headed toward my Mom's. The orange bucket in that first photo is full of tools and stuff to lay the tile border along her counter tops. I had reserved a wet saw at the local tool rental place, but wanted to see what Home Depot charged, so stopped in there. The price was literally the same but Home Depot closes several hours later, meaning I had the chance to turn the saw back in within the 4 hour window, which costs less. However, when I went to actually RENT the saw, I discovered I've mislaid my driver's license. I gave it to the HR people to copy on my first day at work,  and somehow it never made it back into my wallet. I thought I'd left it in my scanner, but it's not there. Now I'm pretty certain it's in my clipboard/folder, which is at work. If it's not there, I am in trouble.

Even though I wasn't laying tile, I went my Mom's anyway. She had her roof replaced this past week, and the roofers left several packages of shingles in her yard. She asked me to move them into the garage, so that's what I did. Then I went home, showered, and headed back out.

I broke down and bought this:
I'm thinking "broke down" may not be the appropriate phrase  here
Then I went on a mission to find 2 inexpensive shirts I can wear to work. I went through Kohl's and Target before giving up the search. I stopped at the grocery store, then came home and harvested these:

It may not look like much, but that is the largest single day harvest I've had from my little patch of heaven. I can't wait to mash them up and spread them across a slab of bread slathered with almond butter. I'll likely have another batch like this tomorrow.

That pretty much capped off my day. I weeded and watered the garden, took care of some financial stuff, and now here I sit, telling you all about it.

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