June 18, 2012

Day 1

I laughed at myself yesterday, when I had everything ready by 2:00 pm for today's first day of work. Even more wry humor at how much I packed for the day. One would think I was going on a trip or something.

I had:
    • A bag with work clothes, work shoes, make-up, hair brush, deodorant, a towel, iPhone, and plastic bags to put the iPhone in
    • A gallon container with a screw cap and wash cloth, waiting for warm water in the morning. This is what I use to clean up after my morning run
    • A bag with running clothes, a towel, running shoes, and a Clif bar. This is my "if it's raining I want dry clothes to run in after work" bag
    • Running clothes set out for first thing in the morning
    • A water bottle to carry while running, and a larger water bottle to use while at work, set out waiting to be filled
    • A filled lunch bag
    • Breakfast and coffee as prepared as I could get them, basically only needing heat to be ready

So now you know how OCD I can be. 
Today I added:
    • Shorts and a tank to do yoga in at lunch. I don't want to put my sweaty running clothes on again when I have to go back to work, and I don't want to stretch in my running shorts. They can be somewhat see-through when I bend over.
    • Yoga mat and strap

Even with all the planning, this morning was something of a cluster. Today I learned:
    • I need to wake up a good 15 minutes earlier, so I have time to eat breakfast before I leave. Eating in the car was doable, but it didn't leave enough time to digest before running.
    • Take the time to use the bathroom before heading down the path. I started looking for a place to "go" after about a quarter mile, and didn't get nearly as far as I could have because of this.
    • I am going to try baby wipes to clean up, and use the gallon of water to douse my head after my run. My hair drove me nuts today without any gel or mousse to keep it out of my eyes.
    • I do not need nearly the moisturizer Aunt Gertie does. Either that or I'm having a reaction to one of the new products I'm using on my face (Bert's Bee's Facial Towelettes + Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer). I'm breaking out, which is of course frustrating. I will probably end up with just a little bit of eyeliner and mascara before long.
    • I need a new way back to the park after work. Traffic to the freeway was horrid, and it took me half an hour to cover the distance it took me 10 minutes to travel in the morning.

I also learned the deer like the crab apple tree right near where I change.
If I'd waiting just one minute, I would have caught him (her?)
on her hind legs, knocking the crab apples down off the tree
I also learned my position is more than I originally thought. They will actually train me to be an analyst, including SQL and database training. Having that particular word "analyst" on my resume will be a good thing, as will the skill set they are teaching me. Of course, I'm still hopeful for the Cleveland Clinic position, but the only thing wrong with this one is I'm not making as much as I wanted. The benefits are actually pretty stellar. The proximity to the park is awesome.

It looks like my schedule will be 10-6 (at least that's the rumor) which could be rather nice. I'd have to rework the run schedule, and will only have before work to run. I could either leave the house for the park at 7, or leave the house for a run at 7. The former lets me run in the park, which I'm very much enjoying. The latter lets me shower before work. Both allow me to avoid rush hour traffic. I'll have to figure it out when I find out definitively what my schedule will be. As one of only 3 support staff for this particular software, they may split our hours for more coverage.

Starting at 10 would also make interviewing for the Clinic easier.

I'm liking the 2-a-day runs. Today I ran 7.5 miles (3.5 before work, 4 after) and do not feel I overdid things. I know I'll figure it out, whatever my schedule ends up being. I'm just surprised I'd rather it be earlier, so I can get my runs in.

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