June 5, 2012

Just another rat in the maze

So this happened today:

It is not my dream job, which I have not heard back about yet, and do not expect to hear back about for another week or so.

It is not the money I was hoping to make, though I was told there would be the occasional chance for overtime.

It is not my first choice for a career, and I feel I probably could have gotten this job without having gone to school for 2 years and incurred that debt. Aunt Gertie reminds me my degree may have been a deciding factor in them offering the job to me, as opposed to someone else. This is altogether possible.

It is a job in the IT field. It is an open door to other help desk positions, and if I continue to teach myself about computers, possibly to other positions as well.

Most importantly, it is a job. Period.

Not surprisingly, since accepting the position my mind has been filled with how to get my sweat on while working 20 miles away. 20 miles doesn't sound like much, until you realize the freeway I have to take goes through the worst section of traffic in the area. The 271/480 split is ALWAYS a cluster, during both morning and evening rush hour. That, and I'm still stuck on the idea of riding or running to work, a la the Clinic job.

So here are my thoughts:

It's about a 40 minute drive on the freeway, sans traffic.

It's about a 40 minute drive on main roads, sans traffic.

It's about a 2 hour ride on the bike. This wouldn't be so bad if I started work a little later, which may or may not happen as schedules are by bid and I'm low man on the totem pole for getting the time slot I want. That, and I'm on the 8-5 schedule for this first quarter, while in training.

It's about a half hour drive to Superman's, then an hour on the bike. I'm liking this idea, if only because I get my exercise in getting too and from work. I like even more the idea that I could run the 9.2. That will be a long time coming though, and would involve a riding in, running home, driving in, riding home, running in, driving home sort of shell game.

The best idea so far is to find somewhere about 5 miles from work to park, then run it in. That gives me the 10 miles per day, which I may switch up with biking early on until I get my stamina up.

Other thoughts:

I get to wear jeans.

If I stay for a year, they have tuition reimbursement. This could work well if I pursue A+ certification, or find an SQL or other course that catches my interest.

They offer will and other legal documents prepared, free. This is big for someone who has been talking about getting my shit together for months and months.

Matching charitable gifts.

Health Club reimbursement up to $100/year.

I'm still hoping to hear from the Clinic, and I put in several other applications this weekend that could be better than this. Again however, a job is a job, and having one in IT is a step in the right direction.

oh, this happened today too...

I'm working on getting all the knick knacks, wall hangings, and books back upstairs. Everything is now cleaned and put back together, except the things used to block off the newly painted and polyurethaned radiator boxes so Bronte doesn't paint and polyurethane her paws. Hopefully the polyurethane will keep her from scratching the boxes when she loses her mind when the mailman comes. Of course, she's not been getting as worked up since Mom started using the Bark Off ultrasonic do-hickie.

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